Friday, November 2, 2012

George offers to carry my bags

George: If you insist upon going away, please take me with you. I'll carry your new suitcase.

Me: Are you sure you're up to the task? Looks to me like you're listing a little starboard.

George: Ye of little faith... I can walk and turn and everything.

Lucy: I hope you're not planning to pack any breakables.

George: Wait a second. I've got an itch.

George: I'm fired, aren't I?


  1. Have a great trip. Will you blog while you are gone? If not, we'll miss you. :)

  2. I am continually astounded at the donkeys ability to remain unruffled when strange things are all around. Where was Hank during the box balancing?

  3. I guess the gang will never be "pack mules" eh!
    Where ya going?? huh huh??? Please take us along, it is the only way I get to "travel" is by following blogs ;p

  4. He would make a good porter for sure. I picture you arriving at the airport with George with a suitcase tied on his back. Security would be in such a pickle.

  5. Dave Gibbons11/2/12, 7:05 AM

    It looks like George and Alan are not too sure about playing with these rectangular traffic cones. I wish I lived close enough to take care of your "family" while you are gone. I'd even bring my own camera!

  6. Hope you have a safe trip and share when you get back home. Waving goodbye, The Cuckoos.

  7. What a gorgeous helper! Love George....and the rest of the gang. Have a good trip.

  8. Very impressive balancing. I see the others are doing their best to be invisible.

    I'm waiting with baited breath for the big reveal. Hot & sunny, big city lights, or the comforts of family? Hmmm....

  9. Carol in N. Colorado11/2/12, 8:26 AM

    Have a wonderful time. The gang will miss you. We will miss you while you are gone! I think George wants to go but it's going to take more than one suitcase for him.

  10. You can tell he's using his ears to help balance the box. The itch distracted him. Ha!

  11. Yikes! Does this mean we will not be getting our daily burro fix???
    And George is a better baggage handler than most human ones. :)

  12. Michelle from BC11/2/12, 6:36 PM

    Had a good laugh at the 2nd picture, for a moment I thought Alan had the box on his head !
    Never a dull minute at your place.