Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wandering around the ranch at lunchtime (a.k.a. a slow news day)

It was lunchtime. I hadn't seen Lucy and the boys since dawn, which was a little unusual, 
so I went looking. 

It's a good thing I'm used to seeing sleeping donkeys who like to play dead. 
Had I come upon this scene a few years ago, I might have panicked. Yesterday, I just smiled.

Alan was on guard to the east.

Lucy was sort of on guard to the west. 

I knew what Lucy wanted the second she started walking toward me.

"Scratch the inside of my ears, please." 
It's truly disgusting, but Lucy, George and Alan love to have the dirt and sand 
and other accumulated gunk cleaned out of their ears.
(Fellow donkey moms, please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.)

It had taken so long to find everybody that by now it was time for me to get back to work.

I left them eating their lunch and headed home to eat mine.


  1. Not gross at all. I have a cat that loves it when I do that :).
    Looks like everyone is in good spirits.

  2. You are not alone, my donkey Daisy LOVES to have the inside of her ears scratched. The deeper the better and she doesn't care how dirty it makes my fingers.

  3. Is that big lower lip of Lucy's quivering?

  4. You are not alone. Actually my pigs love to have their ears cleaned out too!!! But NOT the horses....they hate it!!

  5. You are not alone! Rafer Johnson and Redford like nothing better than having me rub the insides of their ears. I wish we lived closer so we could do a playdate. I have a feeling these two little donkeys here would make George and Alan their big brother heros. :)

  6. My little Shih tzu, Lil Ping, loves to have her ears cleaned out. If I were lucky enough to have donkeys-I would clean them too! Anything for our children, right? :) Have a blessed day! :)Meghan

  7. Estella from Co.10/3/12, 8:44 AM

    Love the expression on Lucy's face (the lower lip). Looks like it was a nice, peaceful day on the 7MSN. Hugs to all

  8. I can't believe you could approach George and he didn't wake up! He must feel very secure!

  9. Carol in N. Colorado10/3/12, 9:26 AM

    One of my daughter's horses loves to have his ears scratched. As for the mini donkey, he has been known to fall asleep on his feet while having his ears scratched. Someone needs to develop a large cotton swab for cleaning of donkey ears. Enjoy those ears!

  10. George is making that nap look mighty good. I like rubbing ears but only on the outside. Looks like everyone is enjoying the day.

  11. Yes, they love it and yes, it's truly disgusting. :)

  12. I must say, if I had come across the sleeping donkey, I would have called Donkey 911 to report a gone donk!

    Ear cleaning? One dog and one cat who insist on it!


  13. Lol, yep, true donkey lovers all do that ear thing. When I got my jack, that's what the lady showed me, and sure enough, he loved it. It is NOT the same if you use a paper towel, I found out.
    I finally got a box of rubber gloves, just so I could scratch inside his ears. It is gross, for sure, but they love it :)

  14. You are such a good mom, your donks are lucky!

  15. I totally was always cleaning out the ears of my dog and cat... Probably not so much b/c they loved it but b/c I can't stand dirty ears or a dirty nose or eye boogers! Actually took my child into the pediatrician once to get the wax out b/c the ear candles and those wax drops didn't work....

    Love your lunch time news.... Even on a slow day :)

  16. Now, that's what I call a perfect day!

  17. Star LOVES to have her ears massaged, inside and out, anytime. Buddy on the other hand, needs to be negotiated with on his ears, but once he 'allows' me to, then he will stand all day for me to rub the inside of his ears.

  18. You are NOT the only one...

    Link to Julia's ear massage