Thursday, September 20, 2012

Three's a crowd

It got very crowded behind the barn yesterday. I'm not sure why.

Hank finally had enough and almost took Alan's ear off as he broke from the huddle.

Alan: Mom, I'd like to get in the barn but your other ass is in the way.


Alan: Missed me.

Me: You're so cute when you're mad.


  1. Tough decisions...who goes first, who goes second, who goes third. He who goes last gets the last word. I hear you, Alan.

  2. Oh, the 'missed me' shot is a keeper !! Love that boy :)

  3. Looks like Lucy decided boys will be boys and she wanted no part of it.

  4. Cute pictures and great facial expressions.

  5. i have to tell you some donkey language i've learned this week. it took me a while but that's cuz i'm unfamiliar with the behavior.

    if i approach my donkey, either in the field or at the gate, and i do not have a treat in my hand for her, she jerks her head away from me and says, "ug" or "uk" which means, i think, she's disgusted with me/the situation. it's a very distinctive sound (similar to the sound teenagers make when annoyed with parents). i'd never heard before, and the movement is a very distinct jerk of her head, more like a twitch.

    although it's a very negative behavior, she's not doing it *toward* me, so i don't worry about it too much. it probably means i'm feeding too many treats, and need to give more ear rubs. (but it's apple season!)

  6. Love that little Alan-smile. And those nostrils!

  7. Love this Hollywood set! How do you live with all this entertainment. Priceless!