Friday, August 31, 2012

Rain envy

All week I've been watching the tropical storm/hurricane called Isaac as he's made his way across the Gulf Coast states. 
Part of me aches for the folks who are suffering from the flooding he has left in his wake while another part of me 
has a serious case of rain envy. Ten to 20 inches of rain in a single day? Seriously? If that much rain fell here, 
the world as I know it would end. We would a) all wash away or 
b) drown, because our jaws were agape as we stood outside and watched in wonder.

Weather nerd that I am, I delved into my data to discover how dry the rainy season has been been since settling at the 7MSN.

2006 was a very good year. That's about all I can say, other than yes, I do believe in global warming and climate change.

Try as I might, I can't make it rain here. I can only adapt and adjust and be grateful that at least the road isn't muddy.
Attitude is everything, especially during a drought. 


  1. I used to live in the New Orleans area. One crazy morning, we got 17 inches of rain in about 2 hours. It was insane. Until the water started coming into the house...

  2. Yesterday we drove upstate to Chama and it is mighty dry there too. Near Espanola the apple trees have dry leaves and fruit it about half size. boo hoo
    Every time saw dust rising, we'd slow our pace to see either a donkey or horse enjoying a dust bath.....or if it was a big dust cloud it was hay or alfalfa being baled.
    Hope you have a good weekend and hug the four legged wonder equines for us.

  3. And I thought we were in a drought. I will quit complaining about the lack of rain here in Ohio. I can't imagine being somewhere so dry.

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  4. Estella from Co.8/31/12, 7:53 AM

    You are so right, attitude is EVERYTHING with the drought or anything.

  5. Carol in N. Colorado8/31/12, 8:37 AM

    Colorado is down in moisture department too. Many of the farmers have lost crops this year. Our lawn is barely surviving. I was hoping we would be able to tap into some of the moisture from Isaac but nope. Praying for rain or snow soon.

  6. I think it's time you invested in a sprinkler and all took turns running through it.

  7. I go to everyday and poke around. We're going to get the remnants of Isaac today through Tuesday morning. Right's 24 degrees cooler at your house than mine.
    Alan is so cute, with his eyes and nostrils clamped shut, stirring up the dust.

  8. and I thought our 7 inches last year was dry, WOW, you must have good ground water for a well at least.

    Love the dust bath shot, looks like Alan, but with all that dust hard to tell.

  9. I grew up on the east coast of Florida, so I know what hurricanes are like. In later years I was in areas of drought - in Georgia one year trucks had to haul water in from another state. Now I'm in Iowa - 8 miles from the Missouri River. All last year the river was flooded, people were washed out of their homes, farmers lost crops; it was horrible. Now we're dry - praying for some rain. I love reading science fiction, and I so wish we could even out the weather and climate!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. We've had 15 inches of rain (at least) this month... my well is recharged. :) Would share if I could!