Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who's the baddest ass of all?

Hank caught wind of the polls we've been conducting here the past couple of days 
about who has the best badass expression.

He's demanding a recount.

Hank: Hrrmph. I'll show you who's the real badass...

...and it ain't no stinkin' burro.

Smooch: Calm down, Hank. Mom hates it when you do that.

Hank: I'm the biggest badass around here and don't anybody out there ever forget it.

Hank: They weren't even watching me, were they?

Me: Not to worry. All the folks at home got to see your badass-ness in all its glory,
and I'm sure they would switch their votes to you if given the opportunity.

George's "pucker-puss overbite"...

...and Alan's "can-you-hear-me now Verizon Guy" may have won the day,
but there is no doubt that you, Hank, are the baddest ass of all at the 7MSN. Even if you are a horse.

p.s. Newborn jack Ramsey over at The Dancing Donkey puts Hank, George and Alan to shame with his badass expression. 
You won't want to miss it. I mean it. Put your coffee down, then click here.


  1. I vote for "and it ain't no stinkin' burro."

  2. We know Hank is the baddest! And, I might add, the dirtiest!

  3. Yep! Sorry, Hank - I'm changing my vote to "Hank. Definitely Hank."

  4. Yes, indeed-y, Hank. We bow to your ever bad-assness. (While we still enjoy your brothers' silliness.)

  5. Love love love Hank's pics and that little baby Jack is hilarious!

  6. You got it Hank. You are the MAN! And down right filthy too, that must have felt good.

  7. Hank wins! and Ramsey is so amazingly sweet!

  8. No competition, Hank. You're in a class by yourself. Glad to see you're enjoying the mud.

    Enjoyed all of the photos the last three days and little Ramsey is so cute.

  9. Little Loch Ness Stink Eye at the Dancing Donkey wins! Where in heaven's name are his ears?!!!

  10. The close-up of Hank is glorious! I can almost smell the beautiful horsiness of him.

  11. LOL, and I enjoyed Smooch in the background, especially the second photo - crouching back. LOL