Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Alan's stream of unconsciousness

Alan: It feels so darned good to lay down. I love grazing, don't get me wrong, 
but I was on my feet all stinkin' night. Zzzzzz....

Alan: I'm not home. Go find somebody else to play with.

George: I'll give him five more minutes, but that's it. He can sleep when he gets old.

George: Time's up, buddy. Rise and shine.

Alan: My kingdom for a snooze alarm.

George: There's no getting rid of me. I'm going to paw at you until you stand up.

(This is the part where you roll your mouse between the margin and the image for about five minutes.)

Alan: Would you just shut up already?

George: My work is done.

Alan: What was the point of waking me up if you're not going to play?

Alan: Butthead...


  1. Carol in N. Colorado7/28/12, 8:01 AM

    Alan, one of my cats did the same thing this morning. Snoozing away and he starts pawing to get me up. Hopefully, you can find some place to finish your nap. Maybe we could take one together. lol

  2. Wouldn't that be "stream of UN-consciousness"? Or "stream of gradually gaining consciousness"?

  3. Looks like Alan was having sweet dreams and was a little testy waking up. I'm sure George just didn't want him to miss out on anything.? Cute snooze alarm picture.

  4. Love the picture of Alan curled up in fetal position, looks like he would like a blanket to just pull up over his head and go back to sleep .................. once again great photos, and captions too.

  5. You HAVE people dressed up in donkey costumes!! They are just wayyyyy tooo human acting! Forget the chimp - Our kids evolved from the donkey!!

  6. i only did the mouse back and forth 2 minutes not five... love it