Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday encore ~ George's Summer Fantasy

The post below is from one year ago this very day. We were all whining about the heat then, too. 
It's what we New Mexicans do the last week of June every year. You'd think we'd be used to it by now, but no.


George: My foot's falling asleep, Alan. Find yourself another pillow.

George: Besides, it's too darned hot to cuddle.

George: I can't take much more of this heat, mom. Please may I come in the house?

Me: In your dreams.

George: I'm dreaming of slurping on chilled watermelon...
in the air-conditioned house...watching TV...catching up on my favorite blogs...

George: ...I wonder if she'd let me sleep on the bed?

George: She'd probably make me take a shower first and I'd hate that.

George: Maybe being outside isn't so bad afterall. 


  1. Hey, that's all we do here midday. It was too hot by 10:30 a.m. yesterday to even GO outside! I have to do all my errands at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning! Then, yes, the dogs and my cat Abby and I ALL take a long siesta in the afternoon! :-)

  2. Estella from Co.6/30/12, 7:36 AM

    George and Alan are JUST TOOOOO FUNNY and WHAT faces...forget the hugs today, give them BIG kisses. Stay cool hahahaha

  3. too cute ... worth the reposting,

  4. I had almost forgotten how darned adorable those donkeys look in their "stringy" fly masks. It is so very hot. Even the hummingbirds are early or late birds these days. Stay cool, Oma Linda

  5. Funny how they can't resist touching each other, even if it's too hot to cuddle. Sweet boys. Love the third picture.

  6. How come that don't have a kiddie-pool?

  7. I want to come snuggle them...

  8. I'm a little confused about the "pasture". The boys and Lucy are turned out into the pasture at night? How big is it? Aren't there scarry critters who could hurt them? Do you worry something will happen to them? Do they sleep out there? Hank too? You've probably been asked all of this before, but except for the coyote encounter with the burros that left you relieved, I can't find the answers to my questions.

  9. They really spread out in the heat, don't they? Like cooling as much surface area as possible.

  10. Michelle from BC6/30/12, 7:07 PM

    Love your blog. Have you ever turned on the sprinkler for Alan, Lucy, George and Hank?
    My Grandmother used to turn it on for her little donkey herd in the heat of the summer. It was only on for 10 minutes a couple times a day and the donkey's loved it. Ray the oldest donkey would pick up the sprinkler and walk around with it ... very funny.

  11. Burro nostrils....always the best.

  12. Bow Street Flowers, Lucy and all the boys are turned out on the pasture 24/7 (it's about 80 acres) - but they choose to spend a lot of time at the barn during this heat. I used to worry about them out there but got over it.

    Michelle, I've tried misting my herd with the hose - they hate it with a passion, much to my dismay.