Monday, June 11, 2012

3 jolly balls, 7 traffic cones, 2 pails and what do they play with?

George's fly mask, of course. 

Alan: I think we're in big trouble.
George: No, we're not. She loves it when we do stuff like this. 
The sun's barely up and she's already got pictures for tomorrow's blog post. 
She'll be thanking us and giving us extra cookies, trust me. 

George: Let me wipe the goobers out of your eyes. Internet celebrities must always look their best for the camera.

George: Crinkle up your nose and tilt your head. 
This could be worth some watermelon if we play our cards right.

Alan: Who let the dog out?

George: Smooch is jealous because we get more posts than she does.


  1. The boys are just like children in many ways, but here it's like you give a child a fabulous toy and they play with the box it came in! LOL. Yep, all those barnyard toys and they play with the fly mask!

    Love the picture of Smooch racing around!

  2. And that's exactly why I have never spent money on fly masks for Harry and Gunny.

  3. Love the donkey pictures, but I don't think Smooch is "racing around" looks more like she is taking her morning constitutional on camera.

    Great pictures.

  4. Estella from Co.6/11/12, 7:10 AM

    KIDS....isn't that the truth, give them expensive toys and they play with the mask. THAT should be on their head protecting them from the bugs that get in their eyes and ears that drive them crazy enough to want to play with the toys to take their minds off the bugs in their eyes and ears. WHAT DID I JUST SAY????? Oh!, it's early Monday morning and I haven't had my coffee yet. Have a good day and hugs.

  5. Ha! At first I thought they were playing with a bra!

  6. Such sweet boys! Great photos!

  7. FYI, Carson. Just to let you know that I have sent a note to Patricia Golden to stop the cruel behavior towards these animals by roping them as a competition. I've sent all my friends notes to do the same. I hope with all my heart we can stop the cruelty.
    Best always, Sandra

  8. "She loves it when we do stuff like this." I laughed out loud. Such innocent can't be mad. I imagine their delight when they realized they had a new "toy." Hope they didn't tear it up. Go Smooch!

  9. I wonder if they would like those colored rope toys for dogs or maybe a colorful towel. I looked it up and they can see the major colors. Maybe you can teach them to dust the house. LOL!!! Load the dishwasher?!?! They are SO cute!!!

  10. Love it! Burro nostrils are the very best and Smooch doing her "zoomie" or "crazy run" really makes me smile.

  11. I love those boys! How I wish I could look out my window and see them one day!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  12. I thought they were playing with a pair of panties at first...

  13. OMG!

    At first glance, I was afraid they had a jock strap.

    My second thought was, "Where would they get one of those?"

    Wisely, I scrolled onward to discover the innocuous nature of their plaything.

  14. Those two are like twins! What one doesn't think of, the other one does and they both go along with it. Hopefully, the mask is still in good shape? Hugs to the wrinkled nose twins.