Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What a difference a day makes

It's like a twister picked up my house and plopped it back down in a beautiful, green meadow, with rolling hills 
and perfectly placed clusters of trees that showcase the views and provide just the right amount of privacy. 
I'm awed by the difference one day with a Hydro Ax has made on the ranch.

The huge pile of slash left from when the corral was cleared and the house was built?

Gone. In less than 5 minutes, I might add.

The tree that interfered with the view of the mountains from my bedroom? Gone.

Seriously, it's like living on a different ranch. I have hills! Actual hills! Who knew? 
They'd been hiding under dense stands of juniper trees.

I wandered around kind of late last night getting to know my new ranch, so there wasn't much time 
to put together a movie with all the usual bells and whistles. But since I knew some of you Dad couldn't wait 
to see the Hydro-Ax in action, I pieced together this quick video of the removal of one tree. 
In real time the process took 4 minutes and 49 seconds; I've edited it down to about a minute and a half.
My favorite lumberjacks from Forest Fitness will be back today and tomorrow to complete the job, 
and I'll be back with more scenes from the new and improved ranch when we meet again.


  1. WOW, that's amazing!

    What fun you'll have exploring once the job is done.

  2. I think there's some place in Nevada where anyone can pay to drive machinery like this after a lesson or two. I love stuff like this.
    On the other hand, will there still be some shade for the Equines?

  3. Where's the porcupine? Your place is gonna look mahvelous, dahling!

  4. I have Hydro-Ax envy!!!! And let me just say that the view of the mountains out your window is not just for YOU! It is for all of us who have once had views of mountains to see and remember that the mountains are still there, waiting...


  5. WOW. That is some machine. It will be so different without them cedars. And, now you have lots of mulch. Hope it rains soon.

  6. This is amazing! Don't we live in a great country! Please post some before and afters.

  7. I shudder to think what you would have to pay to have this done !! What a gift to watch your landscape 'come to life' !!!

  8. Shades of Fern Gully...but in a good way. ;-D

  9. Linda so ahppy for you and the herd. Congratulations on the approval for the funds. And the way that the machine works. Happy for all!!

  10. How lucky you were to have made that initial contact! The machine is every boy's dream!
    Will the trees try to come back from the roots?
    Was the air scented from their demise?

  11. I'm glad you got the grant money from the soil and conservation district to pay for half of this - I'm thinking it was still pretty expensive. Well, I know it has to be done, the forest is healthier without too many trees so close to each other, but I AM worried about the porcupine's home.

  12. And a lovely choice of music! I was expecting the growl and snarl of the Hydro-Ax. How are the animals doing with all the uproar?

  13. Bow Street Flowers, not to worry - we're leaving plenty of trees here and there for shade and wind breaks.

    Wendywoo and Vicki, Mr. P is hanging out these days on the back 40 - he'll still have lots of trees in his area to chew on.

    Some of the trees may resprout but if I wander around from time to time with my pruners, it will be a piece of cake to keep them in check.

    Jone in AZ, the animals are ticked that they're having to stay in the corral during all the commotion but other than that, they seem to be enjoying the activity - lots of new stuff to watch.

  14. p.s. Dreaming, the air smells incredible! Like living in a pine forest.

  15. "On a clear day, you'll be able to see forever!" Great music choice for this extreme machine landscape make-over video...HGTV should have been there!! Hope your dad enjoys watching a large Tonka Toy in action :-)

  16. Isn't it amazing the difference it makes having the right tool for the job. I have projects like this as well, things that on my own are like moving mountains. If I could just get my hands on something like that Hydro-Ax... Congratulations!

  17. Any worry about fire with all of the kindling laying around now?
    Lisa G. in TN

  18. Love the loungy music! Hoping for the lumberjacksong by Monty Python with tomorrows vid.

  19. What a big day for you. Hats off to the government on this one. How often can you say that? Before your post, I knew about tractors and bulldozers. Now I've had a You Tube education on heavy equipment. Go and type in "worlds fastest way to cut down trees". Who knew? Thanks for sparking my interest.

  20. It's like a giant lawn mower but for trees! Awesome, and I'm sure the critters will forgive you for keeping them safe. What will you do with all the shredded juniper wood?

  21. Sandy from Edgewood, NM5/10/12, 9:38 AM

    Wish we could get the smell thru the internet.... hummmm, is someone working on that?