Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The sounds of silence

Now that a few trees are out of the way, the acoustics of the ranch have changed considerably.

George: Mom, the phone's ringing. You'd better go answer it.

Me: Can you really hear that far?

George: Of course I can.

Me: You might want to blink whenever you get a chance.

George: I wouldn't want to miss anything, 
and besides, I hear better with my eyes wide open.

I'm still not sure what had their undivided attention. 
The sounds of silence must be deafening when you have very large ears.


  1. Hmm, interesting observation. I never thought about how it would change what you hear on the ranch.
    I'm guessing you left Mr. P's tree alone?

  2. I am always intrigued by watching the horses hit on something with their ears. So often I can't even see a thing... but they've heard it or spotted it. Just think how much more they could hear if they had such big sound scoops!
    Your boys are so cute!

  3. George has LOVELY eyes!

  4. My, they certainly are on the alert. Yes, I can imagine the trees would provide excellent soundproofing.

  5. Estella from Co.5/23/12, 8:24 AM

    Don't you just LOVE the Hugs to all

  6. Carol in N. Colorado5/23/12, 8:45 AM

    I bet the gang can hear the phone ring with those ears. If the silence is deafening with those ears could you imagine living around a large airport with flights coming and going all the time.

    The stables were my granddaughter is taking lessons is in the landing pattern of Denver's airport. When the planes go over, I feel as if we are getting ready to be attacked by pterodactyls.

  7. LOL! Our GSD turns her ears like a periscope sometimes to catch sounds...must be cool to have ears like that ;)

  8. My dogs can hear a hot dog hit the floor from 2 acres away! Hard telling what a donkey hears. LOL

  9. My goodness.....they're handsome when they're on alert. It's rare we get to see their serious side. I love these pictures.

  10. Blink George! hehe My horses will do something like this and when I walk over and stand and stare with them trying to figure out what they see (or hear), they will stop the staring and go about their business. I wonder if they aren't chuckling to each other saying "we made her look".