Sunday, May 27, 2012

Skeletons in the closet

My best friend from high school is visiting this week. We've been doing a lot of reminiscing about all the stupid stuff 
we did back then. Some things never change. Thirty-nine years later, we're still doing stupid stuff.

Denise: Hey, Carson, how do I look?
Me: Like an NHL goalie. Named Frankenstein.

Denise: How do I look now?
Me: Like you're wearing a cow pelvis on your face. 

I'd been wanting to do something with my growing collection of cow bones, 
and I thought Denise would be the perfect collaborator for the project.
Twisted minds think alike.

We carted the bones to the front porch to see what we might create with them.
I had visions of a wall hanging or sculpture.

Many of you have suggested that I try to put the cow back together again...

...and we almost had enough parts to do that, 
but it seemed more clinical than whimsical. I wanted whimsy.

See if you can guess what this is:
a) a pile of beef ribs on the porch
b) a whimsical chicken
c) the product of two twisted minds
d) all of the above

Our first objet d'art used only a fraction of my bone collection, 
so we moved on to something bigger and bolder and boot-ilicious. 
I'll be back with more pictures once we finish the installation.


  1. That is really cool how you "reconstructed" a cow! I'm thinking the answer to your question is D. LOL. Can't wait for your next post!!

  2. ;D .....where are the "refreshments" eh?

  3. Looove the "chicken", and can't wait to see the next object d'art, but... what I really want to know is, where can *I* acquire a 7MSN hat?? Do you have them on cafe press?

    **runs off to check**

  4. Bif, here's the link in case you didn't find it:

  5. Looks like the two of you were in art class together in high school. Your instructor would be soooo proud of you today... LOL

  6. Oh my gawd, I had no idea you had an entire wheelbarrow full of bones! The chicken is great. I can't wait to see what you finally came up with. This could be a new career for you!

  7. Thank you! The way I looked it up showed the jacket and some other stuff, but no hat =(

    Your link has hat!! Woohoo!

  8. Love the chicken, definitely got hungry for beef ribs, but it's absolutely the product of 2 twisted minds. Have to go with D, of course!

    Nancy in Iowa (with no cow bones)

  9. Very inventive. Love the chicken. Glad you two are having so much fun putting these bones together.

    The answer is a definite "D"!

  10. I saw that hat, too...thanks for the link to find one for us out here!!

    OMG, I have a high school friend who shares just the kind of twisted mind that you and your friend do...I sent her the link to your blog and I KNOW you will get a follower!! She and I would have loved to construct artwork from a bushel of bones...we only ever had one cowskull that I found in the desert near Tucson (we were city dwellers then) and it was the crowning glory of many a front yard halloween decorating event!!

    I am still grinning over your Twisted Chicken and giving you a high five for being so happily abnormal!!

    liz in mississippi

  11. You come up with fun and creative things to do when guests visit. I don't think I could come up with a chicken from cow bones. Twisted minds in sync...a beautiful thing.

  12. The initial reconstruction reminds me of what the NTSB does with shards of a plane crash. The chicken is a wonderful creation ... like a perverse take on the Chic-fil-a cows tag line.

  13. I would like to see much more of the whimsical creations of two twisted minds. The chicken is simply delightful! Can I have it? Wouldn't it just love rainy Oregon and have some juice moss grow on its bleached and brittle bones?

  14. Love the artwork and the answer is D.
    Waiting for the next.