Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Dust in the wind

This post is from last May, but it could easily have been from today. Blasted wind. 
We're hoping the skies clear before this weekend's solar eclipse. Central New Mexico is allegedly ground zero 
for viewing the "ring of fire" when the moon covers up the sun on Sunday at 7:33 p.m Mountain time. 
You can bet I'll be out there with my camera.


Me: Quick, Hank! Catch my cap before it leaves the state!

It's been a little windy here of late, and not just the usual spring-in-New-Mexico kind of wind. 
This is the I-haven't-taken-Smooch-for-a-walk-in-two-days kind of wind. 
The up side of all the blowing dust is the effect it has on the light...

...especially when the sun starts to set.


  1. Hope the weather co-operates with you. The sunset pictures are amazing!

  2. Handsome Hank. Gorgeous skies. Poor Smooch.

  3. I tell you....Arizona and New Mexico have the BEST sunrises and sunsets! I'm so jealous!

  4. well, the wind keeps the mosquitoes off of you and the gang eh.

  5. Hoping to enjoy the solar eclipse vicariously through you Carson - fingers crossed for clear skies!!

  6. Thank you for your sunset. Our house now is on the bottom of a hill and the sun sets the wrong way! I only get morning sun and moonrise. I can't wait for the ring of fire!

  7. OMG - what amazing photos of the sunset! You are incredible! I hope Hank caught your cap - I love the picture of his mane flowing in the wind. You do have a filter for your camera, right? For gazing at the eclipse?

    Nancy in Iowa - out of the eclipse range!

  8. We won't see diddly squat here on the eastern side of the continent, so I sure hope you get some clear skies, so I can enjoy it vicariously.

    That first photo looks like a Area 51 near you?

  9. Looking forward to the Ring of Fire from California, but it won't be half as spectacular as from New Mexico! Great sunset pics!