Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Lucy learns her lesson

George: Lucy! What in the heck are you doing? There's a time and a place 
for everything, and this isn't either. Take your dirt bath somewhere else!

George: Enough already! I can't open my eyes. 
And if you think I hate getting sand in my face, you don't want to know how mad Hank will be.

 Alan: George, would you just chill? So she's kicking up some dust. Get over it.

George: Oh, dear. This is gonna get ugly. Hank is mad...very, very mad.

George: You are in BIG trouble now, Lucy. 
If Hank says "jump," you'd better say "how high?"

Lucy: How high? How high? I'm sorry, Hank! I'll never kick sand in your face again!

Hank: I will not tolerate rude behavior!

Hank: It's tough being the herd boss, but somebody's got to do it.


  1. Lucy can really stir things up !

  2. Estella from Co.4/14/12, 12:59 PM

    How funny and Lucy is actually jumping hahahaha Love them all....hugs to you all