Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pasture patrol

With all the pasture projects I've got in progress, I find myself spending every spare daylight hour outside, 
kicking down cholla, chopping down junipers, and looking for locoweed. 

Smooch hates it when I leave home without her, 
so I've been taking her with me while I patrol the pasture.

The hovering herd doesn't seem to bother her one bit.
She's grown accustomed to their shenanigans.

Lucy would prefer that Smooch stays up at the house.

Here we are, parked next to the biggest cholla on the ranch. 
It's over seven feet tall. I won't be trying to kick this one over.

We'll park here again when the thing is in bloom. 

Smooch: Where's everybody going?

Me: In search of greener pastures, I suppose.

Me: We'd better move along, too. 
It's time for us to go home and post these pictures on the blog.


  1. That is too cool that Smooch can go along for the ride! Wally is the same way. He'd rather follow me around outside as I do this/that then be left inside.

  2. I love the shot of Smooch and Lucy with their ears parallel to each other!

  3. Dave Gibbons4/18/12, 6:11 AM

    We've seen Smooch run in circles when Lucy and the boys are on the other side of her fence. It's surprising that she appears so calm when she is in close proximity to them. I'm sure she would get excited tho (in an unpleasant way), if she knew you posted such clear pictures of her chin whiskers. Most girls do.

  4. The third picture down just slays me.
    Too bad Ms. Smooch won't stay by your side and run off leash w/o running off completely.

  5. Estella from Co.4/18/12, 8:05 AM

    As usual LOVE the pictures and the one of Smooch and Lucy is my favorite. Hugs

  6. I like all Smooch pics,and the one with Lucy is priceless. The greener pastures one is pretty with some green grass showing and the mountains. I don't know that I'd get a lot of serious work done if I lived there.

  7. Smooch is such a beauty girl. Love the shot with the "girls" and their sympatico ear thing going on. But of course my fave is the goobers mouthing each other in photo 2. But I am a dyed in the wool goober lover. Oma Linda