Saturday, April 21, 2012

How I spent my spring vacation, day two

On day two of my vacation, I picked up my guest, Danni, from the airport and proceeded directly to Morning Bray Farm.

Patrick: Aunt Danni! We missed you. So happy to see you again.

Bernard: May I play with your camera?

Bernard: May I have a sip of your water?

Ellsworth: May I eat your hat?

Ellsworth: Doesn't taste as good as I thought it would.

Ellsworth: What else you got for me?

Bernard: Oh, Papa, I'm so glad you're home.

Bernard: You give the best hugs.

Bernard: And you know just where my itchy spots are.

Bernard: What do you think she's got in that bag?
Buck: Smells kind of medicinal.
Ellsworth: I'm not liking the looks of this. At all.

And with that, the three donketeers and Papa Don gathered the herd and haltered and swabbed and poked, and soon enough, all six donkeys were vaccinated. Even Gracie Belle, the never-been-haltered, as-yet-to-be handled jenny! She only kicked out once...when Danni's leg happened to be in the vicinity, but she's fine now. When we maneuvered Gracie into the doctoring chute, a bit of a trainwreck ensued because all her herdmates left the area and Gracie panicked a bit. There was a small altercation with an arm and a gate and a stall door, 
and I'm still not exactly sure how it all went down...

...but it wasn't anything serious that couldn't be fixed with a little Vetericyn...

...a margarita...

...or two...

and the company of my truly awesome friends.


  1. That's my idea of a good vacation. Enjoy the rest of it.

  2. muy bien, Los Donketeers. All well that ends well.

  3. Love that Veterycin. At the racetrack it's referred to as "holy water." lol

    Morning Bray's residents are adorable, and those margaritas look delish. :)

  4. What adventures!
    See . . . this is how I know for sure I'm an alcoholic. All that going on, and I was mesmerized by the margarita or two......... :-\

  5. All of that was interesting, but, I MUST know where Danni found jeans that allow her to squat without showing "everything" to the world!!!

  6. umm...why is your arm 'caught' in the door?

  7. Carol in N. Colorado4/21/12, 9:11 AM

    Good ole Vetericyn-wonderful stuff. Glad everyone survived to have ritas, a great time and the herd is healthy and happy. Donkey hugs are the best.

  8. A margarita or a couple of glasses of red wine pretty much cure anything, in my book!

  9. Gosh I love the photos of Bernard. His face just says it all. LOL Sorry about that arm. Stuff happens, doesn't it?

  10. Nice of the boys to greet their visitors. Ellsworth's hijinks and Bernard's delight...too funny. Four vaccinations and two minor injuries..not too bad. Good company and margaritas..perfect. Enjoy!

  11. What a FUN post !! The 3rd photo of Don finding Bernards itchy place
    made me bray :)

  12. okay, I'm not sure I've seen Danni's, Justina's, or Don's face without either sunglasses or a hat; so cheers everyone! great to see you all safe and sound although a bit battered: Linda, you should have had the server take the photo.... we'd like to see you, too :)

  13. Well earned margaritas!
    Why the injured arm through the door? Someone not like the smell or spray of the vetericyn?

  14. Priceless pics! You are a great story teller. I hope the margarita's helped nurse your war wounds :D

  15. Looks like everybody is wearing light summer clothes too. Love summer. Wish it was here.
    Great holiday, Carson. It's always nice to spend time with friends and in this case animals too.
    Enjoy the rest of your time off. May it be a memorable adventure.
    Best always, Sandra

  16. Gosh, those margaritas were BIG, weren't they? (They didn't look nearly so big last night, heh). :-)

    What an amazing day...and I loved be a part of MBFHHD (Morning Bray Farm Herd Health Day). The photo sequence of Bernard and Don is priceless.

    Sandy's comment made me laugh and laugh. Why IS your arm caught in the door, Carson? *snicker*
    (Bottom line, I'm just relieved we didn't have to make a trip to the emergency room yesterday afternoon..)

  17. And Danni is getting a good dose of sunshine! Enjoy! It's well deserved. Give Smooch a pat for me.

  18. How nice! I loved this post, especially the donkey hug! :-)