Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alan has a jolly good time

Alan: This is my Jolly Ball and nobody, I mean nobody, is going to take it away from me.

Hank: Hey, Pipsqueak. Whatcha got there?

Alan: He's not getting this. I mean it. I am sick and tired of him stealing my stuff.

Alan: You've got my back on this, right, George?

George: Sort of...but Hank's got mine and I'm not sure he plans to let go.

Alan: Mom, as leader of this pack I expect you to establish the boundaries for that painted bully over there.

Me: Relax, son. I'm on it. Besides, you've worn him down and he's napping.
You can drop the jolly ball for now and I'll make sure it's still yours when he wakes up.

Lucy: You boys are boring.

Lucy: I think I'll go see what my gal pal Smooch is up to. 

Hank: Did she just call us boring?

George: Zzzzzz....

Alan: There he goes, trying to change the subject and distract me.
He's not getting my Jolly Ball. No way. No how. Mine mine mine mine mine.


  1. Ya know, I'm STILL humming that Bert and Ernie song....

  2. War on the playground today?

  3. George really takes advantage of the time-out. Can't wait til tomorrow.

  4. Carol in N. Colorado4/10/12, 11:12 AM

    I think the gang needs one of those very large balls or a couple of them. I bet the gang would have a blast with it.