Monday, April 2, 2012

Alan and George plot revenge

It was early Sunday morning. We were all hanging out in the corral, waiting for Shorty, the farrier, to arrive. 

Me: Alan, just what do you think you're doing?
Alan: Getting ready for Shorty.

Alan: Letting all this dirt rub off on him will be sweet revenge
for having to stand on three legs.

George: Good plan! Now hurry and get up. I want my turn before he gets here.

Me: Are you two conspiring again?

George: Us? Conspire? We wouldn't dream of it.

Alan: Remember...flip over at least four times and don't shake off the dirt until his face is directly under you.


  1. The whole gang at 7MSN should have their own book! The drama is never ending! :)

  2. George and Alan. My favorite conspiring donkeys in the entire Southwest. :-))

  3. too funny!Not sure what my mornings would be like without a visit to your blog first...and I am not trying to find out either lol.

  4. Estella from Co.4/2/12, 6:38 AM

    Such BAD BOYS...BUT you have to love them. Speaking of lets not. Have a great day...hugs

  5. There were similar discussions here yesterday too. Everyone did great... Nigel got trimmed again too... he just wasn't as cooperative this time. Shorty said that's to be expected and that he'll come around.

  6. Are those boys of yours getting cuter????? or is it my love of little boys that are stinkers that melts my old heart.....? Whatever it is I just love the "dirty rotten scoundrels". Poor Shorty.

  7. Naughty boys! I think you should make Shorty some cookies or something. :)

  8. I think dirt might be better than the cat litter my cat rolls in. She kicks it (clean litter, that is) out of the box then rolls around in it. Litter even ends up in my bed! I guess I should be grateful that I scoop the "stuff" out of it so often that she never kicks any of that on the floor!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. Those first two pictures are really beyond great. kate

  10. so did Shorty get left in the dust as it were? awesome antics, as usual