Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Encore ~ The boys send their love to Lucy

One year ago, Hank, George and Alan had heard enough about Lucy to be totally smitten and were anxiously awaiting her arrival. 
They each made a valentine to send her way. 


The boys and I are about to receive the best Valentine's day present ever. Lucy should be leaving Colorado sometime late today, 
to arrive at the 7MSN sometime Tuesday. I'll update the twitter feed at the bottom of this page as I hear from the transporter...
assuming I can remain calm enough to type.

Meanwhile, the boys are jockeying for position to be Lucy's valentine.

Valentine card templates from MCP Actions.


  1. Just the best valentine cards I've ever seen.

  2. Lucy is such a lucky girl to have such loving men in her life eh! ;-)

  3. Dave Gibbons2/11/12, 7:05 AM

    It's hard to believe it's been a year. Countless rides, a new saddle, more rides, lots of pictures, many videos and it seems like Lucy has been here forever. I think we all have fallen for her along with your boys.

  4. It seems so long ago! Lucy has brought lots of joy to your readers;and of course to you and the 7MSN gang. Thanks for sharing her stories.

  5. If I were Lucy, I would pick Alan, dark and handsome.:)

  6. LOL... Hank sure knows how to reel a gal in, doesn't he? LOL

  7. What the boys didn't know back then was that Lucy could take or leave any of 'em any day of the week! :-p