Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Above the fray

Here's another encore post from the days leading up to Lucy's arrival at the 7MSN last February.


Nowadays when I'm hanging out with the herd, I can't help but picture Lucy among us. Though I plan to introduce her to the boys slowly and individually, I know it won't be long before they're all sharing the same space. Admittedly, I have never met Lucy in person, but from everything that I've learned about her and from the comment she herself left on yesterday's post (did I mention she knows how to type?), I think the herd dynamics will play out like this:

Hank, in his role as boss hoss, will claim Lucy as his own.

Hank and Lucy will be the mature, sensible pair in the pasture, 

conserving their energy for important things, like eating, 

while the inseparable George and Alan will carry on with life as they've always known it. 

I've tried to explain to all the boys about the impending arrival of their new sister,

but I don't think they fully grasp the implications.

All that George and Alan seem concerned about is whether they'll have to share their toys.


  1. Oh we are so glad we came to visit all of you. We came over fro Knatolee's World just to meet new people and we are so excited to see the donkeys. We have two miniature donkeys, many cats and two dogs. Our donkeys play just like you two. We are thrilled to meet you. Take care.

  2. These characters are the life of the party. I hope they stay forever young.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. Dave Gibbons2/4/12, 6:45 AM

    The caption for picture number 2 implies George and Alan are NOT the mature and sensible pair in the pasture. While each of the seven pictures prove that point, they sure are cute. And WOW! What a view to the North to wake up to each day.

  4. Estella from Co.2/4/12, 6:55 AM

    I love going back in time and listening to the story of how Lucy arrived at The 7MSN. It's like having a parent read you a fairy tale at bedtime. (such good memories) Hugs

  5. Too funny! I love those pics in your header. Looks like you have a wonderful array of animal children each with their own unique personalities.
    I just popped in from Deb's Howdy From Cowtown blog.~Ames

  6. Love the way they rub up on each other. Aw!