Thursday, February 9, 2012

The language of dogs

I came across the most delightful chart yesterday. 
It's called "Doggie Language," and it illustrates 30 different expressions a dog might make and explains their meaning. 

Go ahead...guess what Smooch is saying.

The same thing she says day after day, picture after picture...

I'm on alert.

Really, Smooch, you need to expand your vocabulary. These pictures are getting a little repetitive.

copyright Lili Chin, used with permission
Anyway, Lili Chin created the chart and here is the link to her site. She does commissioned pet portraits 
and donates 20% of every commission to Boston Buddies Rescue or the rescue of your choice. Now that's something to talk about.
(Click on the chart to enlarge.)


  1. Always love pictures of Smooch. She's such a pretty girl! The chart is interesting and right on. Never saw anything like it before.

  2. Dave Gibbons2/9/12, 6:55 AM

    Where's running around the yard at top speed? What's she trying to say when she does that? And yep, another great picture of Smooch.

  3. I think she's also communicating, "What, you with the camera again? " I love Smooch pictures. She's lucky to have you in her life and vise versa.

  4. Cute chart! I think Smooch is saying "I'm not sure about this camera business!" :-)

  5. No no, Smooch has a much broader vocabulary base. I've seen her say:

    SURE I'll do that for you!
    What do you want me to do next?
    Now, reward cookie, yessss!!!
    Oh that cat again...
    I have no use for sock monkeys.
    Ahh [swoon], ICE CREAM!
    ALAAARM, lemme out, INTRUDERS!!!
    Alan, I'll race ya...
    Way cool, a skull!
    I love you too, mom.

  6. Great chart - love Bostons! Having been lucky enough to have participated in a positive reinforcement training held by an excellent dog trainer who bases her training on research not long ago, I now know that licking and yawning are actually called "calming signals" and are sent out to tell others, "I'm calm; it's all good." "Whale eye" - when you see the whites of the eyes - shows fear. You can google and find videos of researchers working with dogs to figure out this stuff - it's pretty interesting. Thanks for posting this; I'm forever trying to figure out what my little dog is telling me. It's quite an interesting ride. :) Smooch is gorgeous, always.

  7. Smooch is such a good protector and companion! Does she have various barks for different sitings? Ours have varying barks for the mailman, "Gwandma" and friends. The boy dog actually bays when he sees a favorite friend come up the walkway.