Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Hell hath no fury like a horse scorned

Me: I know you live for having your belly scratched, Hank, but enough is enough. 
It's George's turn, and I've only got two hands...and one has to hold the camera.

Me: Hank, be nice...

Hank: Excuse me, but I do have seniority you know.

Me: Bad horse! Bad horse!

Hank: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
 Me: Don't try to impress me with your fancy-schmancy Latin. Go apologize to your brother.

Hank: Sorry, bro'. 
George: Apology accepted. But it would carry more weight if it came with carrots.


  1. Yikes, who'd a thought Hank would go to such extremes with his brother to get a belly rub. Nice apology though, but I notice George is keeping his distance.

  2. Carol in Colorado1/7/12, 9:29 AM

    Oh my Hank!! A little testy are we today just for a belly rub. Glad you apologized. I would steer clear of him too, George.

  3. Ok, that's a frightening sight, seeing Hank's mouth open like that with teeth ready to chomp.... George never even knew what was happening behind his back, did he? :-)
    Probably just as well. I wouldn't want to know, either. lol

  4. Geeze a nasty bite comin' up!
    The documentary about Buck Brannaman showed a horse that ran at a trainer in the ring so fast and bit him through his hat and on his face. Scared me half to death when I saw that. It happened so fast that human reflexes couldn't stop it. Animals are unpredictable and I have to remember that too. You just never know what they are thinking. I have to have a chat with my cat! Ha!
    Best always, Sandra

  5. All I gotta say, is you manage to get the best pictures! I notice that in the picture with Hank baring his teeth, his eyes, they are so Relaxed! LOL.