Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lucy picks a fight with the wind

Lucy: Sure is taking you a long time to get supper ready. It's cold and we're hungry.

Lucy: And the wind keeps blowing this damned door closed.

Lucy: Stay!

Lucy: How long can it possibly take to cut open a bale of hay?

Lucy: Oh for cryin' out loud...

Lucy: Stay open, you stupid door.

Lucy: I mean it this time.

Lucy: Oh, what's the point...
Do I really want to lose my nose over this?
She's bound to come out with supper eventually.

Deep Voice: Step aside, little lady.

Hank: Let me show you how it's done.

Even the wind doesn't argue with Hank.


  1. Poor Lucy, she sure gave it a try. Hank is such a gentleman to show her how it's done.

  2. When you said, 'step aside little lady', I thought John Wayne had arrive on the scene. LOL

  3. Love it! Hank's John Wayne imitation is perfect!!! Best wishes to you all.

  4. I cannot even imagine Lucy batting her eyes and thanking Hank...

  5. CURIOUS...what is the round thing mounted on the door?

  6. I am truly laughing out loud :) Adorable Lucy and Big Bad Hank!

  7. Chuckling just thinking about you snapping those pictures probably chuckling yourself. What a great series of pictures.

  8. Anonymous, you missed the one where Lyle held me hostage in the feed room and I had to come up with an escape plan:

  9. Such good helpers. Danged old wind!

  10. Carol in Colorado1/26/12, 9:02 AM

    Lyle sure was purty and I know you miss him.

    Hank is such a gentlemen to show the little lady how to open and keep the door open.

  11. Your ability to see a story line in the making is amazing! You must take pictures none stop when you are out attending to the needs of the royals ;-)

  12. I just read back through your posts on Lyle locking you in the feed room. Wow, that could have been one long day spent waiting for your neighbors to let you out! But I must say, it doesn't surprise me that Lyle did it.....The barn we had when I was still living at home had what were "supposed to be" horse-proof latches on the stall doors, both leading into the inside area as well as the doors leading to the paddock.Both my mare and her son had no trouble opening the indoor latch, walking to the stall used as a feed room, opening that latch, and then picking the lid off of the metal trashcan that served as a grain bin. When, one day, we found half the can of grain gone...we got much more careful about how the stalls were latched, adding extra clips to keep things locked! Fortunately no one got sick/foundered from that act of gluttony.

  13. OMG - one of your funniest stories yet! When Hank "spoke", I, too, definitely heard the Duke's voice!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. that is hysterical!! I love your pictures so much!! I look forward to visiting your blog daily!!