Monday, December 5, 2011

We were hoping for a big meltdown

One day of snowscapes is pretty. Two days is one too many.

We were hoping for a big meltdown on Sunday but it didn't happen. 
The sun was bright, the sky was blue, but the temperature was cold.

I felt obligated to take snow pictures, if for no other reason than it adds a little variety to the contents of this blog. 
But taking snow pictures is not fun. You might even say it's for the birds.

An entire family of bunnies has taken up residence in the hay barn. 
This one let me get so close that I suspected he was frozen stiff. 
He dove under the barn a nanosecond after I snapped this. 
As I tried to stand up, it was I who was frozen stiff.

The chickens want nothing to do with the snow and spent the weekend huddled in their stall. 
I have no picture to show you of Wynonna. She refused to come out of her pigloo to pose.

Hank and his herd are hanging close to the barn, 
soaking up the sun while they can and spending all their energy staying warm.

I keep reminding myself that equines readily adapt to winter temperatures
as long as they have shelter, plenty of hay, and unfrozen water.
Still, it makes me feel better to share my warm scarf with Miss Lucy.

Estella asked yesterday if I rode in the winter. Why, yes, I do...
when there's no snow on the ground, no wind, and the temperature is at least 45.
I did not ride this weekend. Call me a wuss. I won't be offended.

Smooch remains on security patrol regardless of the weather,

but even she is getting bored with all this white stuff.
I've warned her that she'd better get used to it.

It's my forecast and I'll whine if I want to.

The 7MSN just isn't supposed to look like this. 


  1. Somehow I just never imagined that you would have weather like that. Hang in there Carson ... it can't last long, or I hope not anyway. That's brutal!

  2. Good Morning...
    Please tell your guest rabbit with the 1 1/2 ears that his northern cousins wwwwwway up north in CanadaEH are all wearing their white winter coats and would like to remind him that if it was as warm in Canada as it is going to be this week in NM they would all be wearing bikinis and the only thing cold would be the beer ;D

  3. Oh my word! I don't think we even get those kind of temps here in mid-winter! New Mexico has indeed moved to Canada this year! I'm sure Canada will welcome you. I hear they are a friendly lot up that way.

  4. I do believe our weather has flip flopped. We're supposed to have the cold weather in the northeast while you should have our temperatures! Today it's going to be 50 degrees and we've barely even seen a cold day. And it's December! Not sure what is going on with this crazy weather of ours. But the snow sure does make for some gorgeous images from 7MSN!

  5. It looks like you live in Winter-Wonderland. I like it :-)

  6. Fire up the wood stove! That's cold, even for my thick Wisconsin blood. Good time to catch up on house stuff.

  7. I do send my sympathies, from where I sit in the great northeast with our current temperature of 43 degrees and a forecasted high for the day of 53.
    While I send my regrets, let me say, too, that I am quite happy to let you have "our weather" for a while.

  8. Oh, my! Talk about a winter wonderland! I hope you and all the critters stay WARM!!!!

  9. Jenny in MN, now in AZ12/5/11, 5:42 AM

    Pretty pictures! However, I was just checking the MN forecast where I used to live and it is a much warmer forecast than yours. That is so wrong on soooo... many levels!
    Hopefully, this will be your only cold spell for the winterish season.

  10. Sweetie - I would give pretty much anything to go back to living in the desert. We moved to Ontario Canada three years ago and the weather has been pretty ugly.

    I feel your pain, when you are not used to it and weren't planning on it - it's just NOT fun anymore.

    I always said winter looks best from inside the window next to a glowing fireplace and only during Christmas!!!! HA!!!

  11. Looks about the same up here in cold and snowy Colorado! That pic of the bunny is just precious! We're suppose to warm up into the 40s later on this week ... hang in there, kiddo ... this too shall pass! Hugs and have a great week!

  12. Oh.....I so remember those snowy days in Mountainaire and all I can say is been there, done that, don't wanna do that again. Stay warm and spring is right around the corner.

  13. Beautiful pictures. But the one of Hank is AWESOME!!!

  14. Your photos are phabulous! Did you notice the bunny's half an ear? He's been through some tough times and deserves a cozy room in the hay barn.

  15. Estella from Co.12/5/11, 7:06 AM

    Loved the pictures..the first one is beautiful. I'm surprised you don't have ear muffs for Lucy :) Stay warm Hugs to all

  16. Such beautiful photos, thanks for freezing your butt off for our sake!
    In defense of Canada, aka the Great White North, here in lovely Creston the coldest we can expect this week is night temps of about 20F. and daytime highs of 26 F. With a slight chance of snow on Wednesday.
    But I bet Theresa Eh has a colder forecast, in her neck of the woods.

    Maybe Wynnona needs a Jamaican Vacation?

  17. Really great photos, especially of the Mourning Doves flying. Oh, well. All this snow will guarantee good grass in the spring. We're all waiting for an update on Amelia.

  18. Even though I live in Michigan and see it all winter I think your snow pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Lynda in Michigan

  19. I am totally confused. Is the weather world upside down? I'm in New England and its 58 degrees and there is no snow in sight. When did we change weather places?

  20. Beautiful winter pictures!! New Mexico is pretty any time of year. Thanks for freezing your butt off to take such beautiful shots. :)

  21. You know this is typical weather for December in Central New Mexico, but we can still complain because it hampers our outdoor life style unless you ski or snowboard. Can Hank pull a sled? It 13 degrees this morning in Sandia Park, NM with 15 inches of snow. It will start to melt by mid-week and that's the nice thing about NM winters. I've posted the snow pictures of Sandia Knolls at 6900 feet on my blog.

  22. I love the shot of the birds and of Smooch yawning. I'm with you -- two days of snow is one too many. I love watching it out the window but, man, I hate doing chores in it!

  23. Here on the west coast of Canada, our temperatures will be in the forties (F) all week. It was warm enough yesterday afternoon that I was able to put up my Christmas lights in my shirtsleeves. My area is known for its mild climate, but I never would have expected it to be that much warmer than New Mexico!

  24. Carol in Colorado12/5/11, 9:17 AM

    Linda, I agree this is just too cold for the first part of December. This is more like January weather. The National Western Stock Show weather. LOL I am tried of shoveling but at least you don't have to do that. I think the herd needs ear covers and blankets for those cold nights.

    Stay warm while we wait for the warm temps to come back.

  25. Here in Ontario, Canada, it's 50 degrees F today and raining - it's nuts. We are knee deep in mud right now, and apparently you've got our snow! The pictures sure are gorgeous though. I like snow, but I like frost better, I'd like my ground to be frozen here now and not mud!

  26. Your pictures are gorgeous though. The color of the pigeons and the composition against the background is beautiful. That first picture of the mountains is exquisite. All of the pictures are wonderful! Lucy looks very fetching in your scarf. One question though - how the heck does Smooch keep her butt warm? There's not a lot of padding back there!

  27. Gorgeous photos! That poor bunny with half an ear missing deserves some snacktime in the barn. :) Now you know why Amelia flew home-she heard the forcast!

  28. I love your word: "pigloo"

    You know what need next? That's right, you guessed it ... alpacas! You already have a pack of pack animals, now you need a pack of alpacas, and then your life will be complete. Or you'll go sta-ark raving bonkers, most likely one of those two.

  29. Ohhhh myyyyyy. I can't believe my eyes! The shot of Eugenia standing at her doorway is amazing. Look at all the snow on the
    We had lows like yours 2 years ago. I looked like a marshmallow walking around with all my layers on and STILL was cold. :-)
    Everyone here on Critter Farm is thinking really WARM thoughts for all of you...

  30. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

  31. oh Linda, I'm sorry for all that cold. I know it makes it very difficult to do all those chores. Sincerely.
    But, oh man.... what a winter wonderland. Both my child and I would love to play in all that! And snow ice cream: yum! How amazingly gorgeous and I love all the shots. I also like what you have done with the header.
    Hang in there!!

  32. Speaking from Canada, thank you very much for having accepted our snowfall. It is a mere 20 days till Christmas and I went for a run yesterday in shorts and a t-shirt.

    Must admit, it is difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit so far this year...guess I do need some snow!

  33. So darn pretty! And Lucy looks comfy in that scarf~ you may never get it back!

  34. I think snow looks great on the 7MSN. Even the snowy logo looks great! I love the bird shot (including your hen) and I don't blame Wynonna for staying indoors where it's warm and cozy - I'm doing the same thing. The photo of the bunny is absolutely adorable! How lucky you are to have a whole family of them staying with you!