Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More fun in the fog

I love fog. I love taking pictures in the fog. I can't help myself. 
It must be some affliction borne of taking too many pictures with bright blue skies in the background.

Anyway, after our photo shoot near the barn Sunday morning, 
the herd headed out to see if the pasture tasted any differently with fog sauce.

Alan the Intrepid took aim for the back 40.

George and Lucy picked their way to the path and followed him.

Hank: Where in the hell did everybody go this time?!

Hank: I hate it when they take off without me.

Hank: Somebody say something so I can find you!

Alan: See anything over that way? 
George: Nope. See anything over that way?
Alan: Nope.
George: How much longer do you think we should stand here?
Alan: Until the fog lifts, I guess.
George: What if it doesn't?
Alan: Stop with the worrying. The sun will come out.
George: How can you be sure?

Lucy: Please make them shut up. They're spoiling the mood.


  1. I like the feeling that fog gives... eerie a bit, but calming too.

  2. maybe you should teach them how to play marco polo =o)

  3. It is really fortunate you have these animals and this blog. Can you imagine the state you would be in if all this dialog had to stay in your mind?!?!?

  4. We all need a little fog in our lives to appreciate the sunshine. I love the action in Hank's legs bounding after the others. Lucy looks like she is about to chomp down on something dry and prickly.Or maybe you disturbed her breakfast already.
    Best always, Sandra

  5. Fog and hoarfrost are two of my favorite things to photograph. Right up there with fresh fallen snow.

  6. Picture five has Hank completely airborne, just barely, cool shot.

  7. Isn't the ice fog also known as a 'pogonip'? I got to thinking about this after reading your previous blog on icy fog while navigating my way through tule fog delivering newspapers up and down the Colorado River on the west coast of AZ. . . Love your pics.
    Eve in AZ

  8. Well, even though I think you're 'rubbing it in" with all your sunny days I have to admit that the fog 'paints' an almost surreal and stunning portrait of your ghostly crew :)

  9. The donkeys usually do steal the show... but Hank is a gorgeous boy! Do you ride him often?

  10. so, I am in agreement that you might be rubbing it in just a touch with all the blue sky remark :) but, admittedly, you've worked hard to get those blue skies!

    great fog shots....

  11. Love the images, curious on what time of the day these were taken? It looks like everyone has their winter coats on. Lucy is such a beautiful girl.