Monday, December 19, 2011

Because snow, rain and mud weren't interesting enough

Mother Nature: I've given New Mexico lots of snow and rain lately. 
I think I'll throw in a little frozen fog to break up the monotony.

Me: Gee, thanks...for a great photo opportunity!

Smooch had no idea what to make of the frozen fog. 

Neither did Lucy, though it didn't interfere with her appetite.

Lucy: What's going on here, mom? It's kind of hard to see.

Me: Don't fret, Lucy. You are beautiful in any weather...though it does appear you're working a little frizz today.

Hank: Everything looks different.

George: Everything sounds different.

Alan: Everything smells different.

Me: Different is good. We need to embrace different. Different makes this blog more interesting.

Hank: I prefer same and boring, thank you very much.


  1. I love your donkeys so much-I almost cant stand it!! Lucy is my fav-well today anyway! Photos are beautiful--mmmmm~~someday I will visit the great part of our country of there!! Stay warm~ -1 degree here this am-Maine!! Brrrrrrrrrr.........

  2. Alan is such a character. You gotta love him for his facial expressions.

    Best always, Sandra

  3. Nothing makes you appreciate the sky like a day of fog. We have had a few of those around here and when it lifts, so do I. Could never live in a place with lots of fog, I'd go crazy!

    So I'm with Hank. Lovely photos though. :)

  4. Carson, we get that once in a blue moon here in the desert, so it IS unusual. Love the Lucy photos. She is just ADORABLE!!!!

  5. I love the foggy backgrounds. Really brings the equine subjects out!

  6. Hank is handsome in any weather. A true rock star!

  7. We've had that for the last two weeks! And it's frozen to fences, trees, manes and tails. Each morning adds another layer (at least to the inanimate objects) so there was a good half inch around everything! Almost like an ice storm, but not so heavy, so no damage except to a few tree limbs that got weighed down. It was beautiful, but I was glad when the sun finally came out yesterday!

    I LOVE Alan!

  8. Smooch is the most beautifully-conformed dog I have ever seen! PURTY dog. :) Loved the photo of Alan "sniffing." LOL

  9. Two cups of coffee while I'm practically sitting on the space heater, I finally get my fingers thawed out enough to work my keyboard and then your pictures freeze my eyeballs and make me shiver again. Brrrr.

  10. What a lovely face Hank has ....., and, Smooch is gorgeous...

  11. I don't think I ever saw frozen fog....those animals are hilarious !! thanks for keeping us up to date on the happenings on the ranch :) Merry Christmas to you and your "family" warm in SC, Jeanne

  12. Even here in Western Oregon, where this time of year is usually filled with rain that goes on for weeks, we've had the same sometimes discombobulating fog. Seems to be going around... Strange, isn't it?

  13. Fog now too! We rarely have fog here too but did once last week. It's not good for driving but is kind of neat to work outside in, makes you feel like you are in another world sort of... and it sure makes for a lovely backdrop for pictures :)

  14. how is frozen fog different than regular fog? Other than the fact the condensation freezes on things...

    gorgeous shots!!!! love that last one of Hank; and you know I love me some Smooch!

  15. Yowza...methinks I shouldn't complain to you about my Oregon weather right now. You guys have a lot of challenging stuff going on!
    Love Lucy's "frizz"...