Friday, November 4, 2011

Where's the beef?

Wynonna: Call me pig-headed, but I'm just not getting this whole bone collection thing.

Wynonna: Where's the beef?

Wynonna: One of these days she'll bring home the real thing and I'll make a pig of myself.


  1. That girl has the SWEETEST face ever!!!

  2. Funny! I think Wynonna's tired of the equines hogging the limelight.

  3. She did it AGAIN! That's hilarious! She really does like the smell. (Ack!)

    My apologies for posting similar pics from a different day, oops! :-)

    I see it's still sunny there...

  4. Oh, Wynonna you are just the cutest gal ever. I'm sure there's a huge pot roast in your future, hang in there.

  5. Yep, it's time to showcase our little porcine princess. I bet she likes apples.
    Best always, Sandra

  6. Oh Wynonna, you silly girl! Piggies much prefer a wheelbarrow full of nice tomatoes or bananas or watermelons or pumpkins to meat. Get yer mama to haul home a pumpkin field for ya - you'll be on Porcine cloud nine!

    Or have her plant peanuts! Do they grow where you are? OMG, then you could root around and help yourself to a snack any time you wanted! Of course the jackasses - er, burros - would likely eat the leaves before they had a chance to produce. Scrap that idea.

  7. I love your pics but have to wonder how long you were waiting to say that line. I still laughed.

  8. Wynonna, Honey, I don't get the bone collecting thing either. *smile*