Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday encore ~ Things that go thumpa-thumpa-thumpa in the night

As big as the New Mexico sky is, you'd think these guys could find a better place to fly 
than directly over the 7MSN. But no. 

I was out at the barn feeding the boys Sunday evening when I heard them coming. I kept looking in the direction of the noise but didn't see anything. Minutes passed, the noise kept getting louder, I still didn't see anything, but I went to get my camera.

When they got into my air space, I had plenty of time to snap pictures ... they weren't moving very fast.

What could they be doing and where could they be going on a Sunday night? 

They turned southeast as soon as they passed over the barn. 
I'm convinced they use my shiny metal roof as a landmark. I can hear the conversation now...

Chopper Pilot #1: Let's go buzz that roof. 

Chopper Pilot #2: What for?

Chopper Pilot #1: I hear there's a pair of cute asses down there.


  1. This just goes to show you how far fans will go for a cameo on 7MSN...

  2. HA!!! I just bet they read your blog and were hoping for a glimpse of the gang ;-)

  3. Ya, they were probably just on a cute ass search.

  4. I loved your imagined dialogue!
    These guys are always flying over my house, too. When we live in a such a peaceful place, the noise is jarring, but not so awful as when I used to live in San Diego near the Mira Mar Naval Air Station and the F-14 jets screamed over my house at 9 or 10 PM doing night maneuvers.

  5. Braying with laughter!

    I see those a lot, I live between Hoover Dam and Nellis AFB--they patrol regularly. They ARE loud!

  6. I have to agree with Vicki: our trail club got buzzed by a couple of Navy jets one day while we were out in the Cascade Mountains of Washington--totally ruined the wilderness experience!

    You may be right about them using the barn as a landmark--when I used to fly with my Dad as a teenager, in the greater LA area, traffic controllers were always using markers like the intersection of two freeways, or Santa Anita race track, or whatever was easily spotted and identified. Your barn, with all it's cute asses, would certainly qualify!

  7. Carol in Colorado11/19/11, 9:19 PM

    We get the Chinooks here too along with F-16's out of Buckley AFB. We also get Hueys. I bet the pilots are checking out the 7MSN gang.

    At least the Chinooks are quieter than B-52's or KC/EC135s.

  8. They have flown over our house a few time lately. There is no mistaking a HEWY!!!!! We are not even near a military base, just the municipal airport across the river and 10 miles to the West.