Monday, November 21, 2011

Patrolling the palace grounds

It's been about a month since the girls moved into the Chicken Palace. I might be a little biased here, but it seems to me that they love it. Housing them in the barn has made chicken-keeping very convenient for me; it also means I get to spend a lot more time with them.

Me: Girls, the sun's up. Get your butts out here.

Eugenia: If we wanted an alarm clock, we'd get a rooster. 

The chickens share the front yard with Wynonna. 
To keep the peace, I turn the girls out in the morning, then Wynonna gets the afternoon shift.

Eugenia is the head hen and queen of her domain,

and Minnie is heir to the throne. Clara and Peach have been relegated to ladies in waiting.

They all act like divas, but who am I to complain when they keep me supplied with eggs?

Me: What do you think, Minnie? These might add to your star power.
Minnie: I'd prefer a pair with rhinestones.


  1. Skip the rhinestones. If you're going for bling, get her crystals!

  2. Fantastic photos of the girls. They are delightful chickens and are very lucky to be the chicken palace royalty.

  3. You know, they make sunglasses (with red lenses) for chickens. Seriously.

  4. Thats the best line I've heard in a long time "if we wanted an alarm clock, we'd get a rooster!" Good one! lol

  5. I think it would be far far easier to PhotoShop the sunglasses on the chickens. Just because they live in a "coop" don't eXpect any "coop"-eration, no matter how deluxe the coop or fancy the gafas de sol.

  6. I just noticed your header still indicates "October."

    Didn't you get four "new" chickens this year? What happened to the other two? Or am I imagining things again...

  7. Boy if you get glasses on a chicken then I think you can quit your day job altogether and move into chicken whispering.

    Rooster/alarm clock. hehehe

  8. Love the girls! They do look happy!

  9. They also keep the bugs down, if I recall. (blech) That Eugenia has a bit of a mouth on her, doesn't she? My kinda girl.