Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Down the Road with Smooch ~ November 2011

"Down the Road with Smooch" is a monthly post that chronicles for posterity the who-what-where-when of our daily walk.

Date: November 8, 2011
Route: To the northwest corner of the ranch and back.
Distance: 2 miles, more or less
Time: 5-ish to 6-ish pm
Temperature: 34 degrees
Humidity: 30 percent
Wind: Not a bit.
On the iPod: The Winds of War by Herman Wouk
Attire: T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, wild rag, barn coat with hood up, jeans, sneakers, mittens.

1. It's cold. It's dark. It's November.
2. Walking Smooch from November through March isn't as much fun as it is from April through October.
3. Just when I thought Smooch couldn't be more alert, she gets more alert. This might have something to do with porcupines. They're one more thing she's added to her very long list of things to be on the lookout for. 
4. Mylar balloons can travel about 40 miles (the distance between civilization and the 7MSN) before they deflate, descend and get stuck on a barbed wire fence or cactus. If I had a nickel for every dead balloon I've found and thrown away, I'd probably have a dollar.


  1. Makes you wonder what archaeologists, a million years from now, will think about our civilization, doesn't it?

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love Smooch and she's so photogenic she just makes the shot.

  3. I like the soft focus in the second photo and the light in her eyes.
    Only another month or so and the days start getting longer!

  4. Probably alien balloons that have crashed while searching for Roswell landing strip.

  5. how do you know those balloons have traveled 40 miles? maybe the cows have wild parties after you go to just never know! =o)

  6. I learn something every day and today I learned that these balloons are called Mylar balloons. I have seen many over the years with "Happy Birthday" written on them etc. I never knew the name of this type of thin plastic. Thank you, Carson. I have been enlightened.
    Best always, Sandra

  7. Mylar? Are you sure? New Mexico? Maybe your place is Area 41. (I know its s'pposed to be 51 but I went with your 40 mile flight limit of the UFOO, UnderinFlatedOvalObject)

  8. UFOO - hee hee.

    Perhaps you could collect them and use them to spruce up the coop. :)

    I miss the long days of summer.