Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday encore ~ George looks for his pot of gold

Nature must have heard me whining about running out of subject matter to photograph,
because she served up some light Monday night that would have made anything look beautiful.

After I took a few shots of George taking an after-dinner nap, I stood up to dump the dirt out of my clothes 
and saw that the real action was going on behind me.

Post processing: 1. PW's Cooler action at 75%; 2. MCP's High Definition Sharpening action; 3. PW's Boost action at 33%.

George followed me into the pasture and posed for the longest time, giving me every opportunity
to adjust composition and exposure. I am forever indebted to the cows on the other side of the fence
for causing the ruckus that kept George on high alert.


  1. photo number 3 is a stunner!!

  2. Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!!!!!

  3. What a gorgeous profile picture of George next to the rainbow. Just a thought that you could use this picture in Facebook or Twitter!

  4. You have the weather we had two days ago in Vegas! It got cold enough for a sweatshirt.
    Say, how do you do the little mouse-over doodad with your photos? I'd love to learn how.

    tcerecke AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks, Trish

  5. Carol in Colorado10/8/11, 9:20 AM

    Wow! Just wow!!

    Hope you are getting some of this rain.

  6. I agree with theresa...stunning #3 WOW!

  7. Beautiful Carson!!! That is definetly one for the calender!!!!

  8. I could stare at that all day! Just gorgeous!

  9. Wow! You're so talented

  10. #3 needs to be entered in a contest or at least blown up on a canvas and put on your wall!!!