Friday, October 21, 2011

Bad Pig

It was Thursday night around six o'clock. I was pressed for time. Smooch and I hadn't gone for our walk yet, 
I hadn't seen Lucy and the boys since lunchtime, I didn't have any pictures for Friday's post, 
and I was running out of daylight. Silly me decided to solve all my problems at once.

Me: Come on, Smooch. We're going on a walk to find Lucy and the boys, and we're taking the camera. 
We've got 30 minutes before it gets dark. Let's take a shortcut through the barn.

Me: Hey, Smooch, as long as we're walking through Wynonna's stall, 
let's see if we can get a picture of you two together. Wouldn't that be nice?

Smooch: La-de-da-de-da.

Me: Smooch, look this way.

Me: Whoa!


Me: How DARE you attack Smooch! You should be ashamed of yourself! She was just sitting there!
Wynonna: I felt threatened. First you subdivide my stall, then you bring a dog in here? How dare YOU?
Me: Ok, I see your point. I'm sorry.

Smooch: Get me the hell out of here. That pig is evil.
Me: No, she is not evil, just a little misunderstood. Now just chill.

Wynonna: Think twice before you trespass through here again.
Me: Yes, your highness.

Smooch and I eventually found Lucy and the boys way out in the back 40.
I was hoping to take a few nice group shots, but I couldn't get Smooch to cooperate. 
She was too worried about the attack pig waiting for her back at the barn.


  1. Aw, poor Smooch! She was just sitting there, minding her own business, & up came Wynonna and SCARED HER!

  2. Oh man....I'm with Smooch....nothing scarier than a very large angry pig!!! YIKES!!!!

  3. Is Wynona menopausal? I mean pigopausal?

  4. I wonder what Wynona's killing technique is...I suppose she lays over her victims and smothers them to death...

  5. Never a dull moment at your place! Is it terrible for me to say I'm not entirely sure that wynonna is my favorite of the family? Just sayin I'm not sure, just sayin.

  6. Wow, I never expected to see Smooch look worried or intimidated. I believe in the Power of Pig!

  7. Naughty pig is right! She is feeling encroached upon. Or maybe she's hormonal? Do pigs get hormonal? Now THAT is something I never thought about. Either way, Smooch is wise to steer clear.

  8. Poor Smooch. Maybe you should have knocked first and gotten the porcine princess's permission for entry. At least you know you have a watchdog and a watch-pig now for protection. Wynonna did look a little sorry...but just a very little.

  9. Oh poor Smooch, she looks really confused ((HUG)).

    Do you think they'd make up if they were re-introduced in a bigger space?

  10. I agree..I think you should ask her permission the next time, or tell her Smooch is a chicken smelling dog and is just going to check out her area for her own protection. I do think she felt bad afterward about the whole thing. Hugs to all.

  11. I bet Wynonna's fast when she's feeling encroached upon. I don't blame po'r li'l helpless Smooch for feeling a little bit spooked.

  12. Her royal self can sure glare! If looks could kill!

  13. Perhaps if you had entered her courtyard bearing piggy treats Wynonna would have let you pass through more peacefully?

    Kind of like the troll at the bridge in fairy tale land.

  14. As a relatively new daily reader of your blog, I'm not sure if Smooch and Wynnona have spent much (or any) time in the same vicinity before, but as a pig person I can say the behaviour is entirely predictable - after all, pigs are prey animals and dogs are predator animals. That said, many dogs and pigs learn to get along very, very well together once the pig becomes accustomed to them and realizes this dog isn't going to harm them.
    And in response to your readers' question - yes, female pigs can get quite hormonal about every 21 days; think "Ms. Piggy in a snit fit" and you'll have the image down pat! On the other hand, they are a hoot because they are so full of attitude (pigitude?)!

  15. Oh myyyyy! Poor Smooch, that freaked even me out a little bit! :-)
    Please tell her that Roxy, my farm pup, commiserates (and sympathizes) fully with her predicament, having to live with an unpredictable cat and one particularly grumpy donkey who both frequently take issue with her just breathing.

    Who knew Wynonna could move so dang fast?!!! :-)

  16. Awww poor Smoochie..... looks like she needs a bit of a cuddle..... I would too after that. I dunno...I think I'm with Smooch....that pig does look pretty evil.....

  17. I'm sorry Smooch got scared, but I'm totally sympathetic to Wynonna today. After all, HER space did come under 'attack' with the imposing chicken palace, and she clearly was drawing a line in the sand! NO MORE INVADERS, please.

  18. That was fun! Thanks for sharing! Happy Trails!

  19. Oh boy...I wouldn't take Wynnona on. Poor Smooch. She's gonna think twice before she follows you somewhere new again. Glad no one hurt anything more than their ego.

  20. OH oh oh, mad pig! LOL You can always tell when the hair on their backs stands up!! LOL

  21. Maybe she has had to toughen up after the whole chicken pecking incident. A new zero tolerance policy for other species?