Sunday, October 30, 2011

And the award for best costume goes to...

There was a Halloween party at the 7MSN on Saturday. And, yes, costumes were involved. 

Here comes the gang that couldn't walk straight, also known as the Bandana-ditos.

Me: Wynonna, tell the folks at home what you're supposed to be.
Wynonna: "Pretty In Pink." It's more of a concept than a costume.
Me: Whatever you say, darlin'.

Alan: Looks like more guests are arriving.

George: Smells like Bernard, Ellsworth and Patrick! Whoo-hoo! Par-tee!

(The paparazzi were out in force at the party.
Look for extended coverage in the supermarket tabloids and at Critter Farm.)

Justina and Don had to catch their herd and put their costumes on before they went feral on the front 40.

Patrick: Thank you for inviting me, Aunt Linda. I've never been to a Halloween party before.

Bernard: I can't believe my mom forgot to bring my pail costume.

Ellsworth: Let's get this costume-parade-crap over with. I've got territory to explore.

Lucy: I don't think those boys stand a chance. Clearly, my costume is the best.

Lucy: Am I not the fiercest tiger you've ever seen?

Alan: I've always wanted to be a dog for a day. You know, just to see how the other half lives.

Hank: I get to be the brontosaurus because I'm big and imposing.

Me: George, turn around and show the folks at home how cute you look.
George: I can't. This is too embarrassing.

George: I can't believe she crowned me Pig for a Day.

Lucy had some anxious moments as the panel of judges conferred.

Justina wanted to take one last look at the Pig and the Dog before making her decision.

Hank and Lucy tried to influence the voting.

Hank kissed up to the remaining judge,

even allowing him to be a brontosaurus for awhile.

In the end, the judges agreed that George's Pig for a Day costume was the winner.

Me: The party's over, Wynonna. Let's get you out of your costume.
Wynonna: Did I win?
Me: You were all winners for being such good sports.


  1. OMG, the brontosuarus cap is KILLER! It's so good to know that I'm not crazy, dressing up my Cats. Although your herd(s) are MUCH better sports.

  2. Carol in Colorado10/30/11, 9:55 AM

    The masks are so cute. What no pumpkins to play with, to roll or to eat? Don looks adorable with his hat. Hope everyone had a great time. You wore out the Princess with all the activities.

  3. I'd seen Danni's suitcase with her boots and 7MSN hat, so I knew we were in for some fun. But the four of you together with the herd and their best buddies has to be one of the most fun Halloween party ever!!! Wish I'd been there!

  4. How fun! I loved all the costumes. You sure know how to throw a party, Linda!

  5. This is, hands down, the BEST blog EVER !!!!!!!!! My mouth hurts from grinning (especially at Don) :)

  6. That was so hilarious! I'm not sure who was my favorite, I'm going to have to go through them again.

  7. That was fun! I felt just like I was there with all of you ... thanks for inviting me!!

  8. Here I am laughing out loud all over again. Thank you to all of you from all of us for another wonderfully perfect day. xoxo

  9. And a good time was had by all! Wynonna looks fabulous in Cerise but I'm afraid my heart belongs to Hank <3.

  10. OHmyGoodness!! what fun eh!! um, where are the party snacks? ;D

  11. I think you've started a new annual tradition over at your place! Best party this season, for sure!!

  12. that second to last shot says it all.... great friends, great animals, great times!

  13. PS: did Smooch not get to dress up??

  14. from behind, it looked as if george had a fuzzy, pink bra on his head =o)

  15. I can't even get the dog to wear her hat. Congrats to George!

  16. What no teeny tiny little costumes for the chickens? They'll go on strike and you'll have to eat toast without eggs for breakfast.

  17. Great fun, Carson. Thanks for inviting us in at your partee!
    Best always, Sandra

  18. I'm with Sandy...from behind I thought you had placed a pretty pink bra on George's head, but I agree from the front I like the pink pig. The color goes very well on him. Now that's not to say they ALL had OUTSTANDING costumes. Looks like there was lots of fun to be had by all. Hugs to all

  19. I swear those are genuine smiles in the fourth ADORABLE!

  20. The Brontosaurus teeth on Hank's head are the win!

    We are hoping the weather breaks here this afternoon so my new horse can "dress up" like a sheep in hopes that our Hank (LGD) might start liking him ;-).

  21. What fun! I love the photo of the boys checking out the trailer as it is backed up to the fence. So cute!

  22. Wynonna is a good sport. Our potbellied pig Bud wouldn't tolerate the embarrassment of it all.

  23. What marvelous photos! I'm still grinning!! Your kids have the most ever fun together!!! My Halloween fun today was an MRI - fortunately, an open one. I would much rather have been at your party!!!

    Nancy in Iowa