Friday, September 23, 2011

Waiting for Mr. Firewood Delivery Man

It was 6:00 Thursday night. I was wandering around aimlessly with my camera, waiting for Mr. Firewood Delivery Man, 
who was now an hour late. Lateness is to be expected when you live in the middle of nowhere. I didn't care what time he showed up, 
as long as he showed up eventually ... and wasn't a serial killer ... because I found him on craigslist ...
and who in their right mind would be willing to take a check and deliver two cords of split cedar to the middle of nowhere but a serial killer?

Anyway, as I was waiting for the serial killer disguised as Mr. Firewood Delivery Man, 
I couldn't hang out with Lucy and the boys because they were too far out in the pasture, so I had to hang out in the garden...

... where the wild sunflowers are in full bloom...

... and looking ever so lovely as a backdrop for the Russian Sage...

...and Peach.

How lucky I am that these wild sunflowers pop up where I least expect it, 
like right outside my bedroom window.

The only problem with these wild sunflowers is that ... 
hmmm ... there's no good way to say this other than they stink.

Who knew such delightful random blossoms could smell so bad?

But I didn't have to hang around and sniff their foul odor for too long because Mr. Firewood Delivery Man finally arrived around 7:00.
 With his pitbull Pepé, who jumped out of the truck and ran over to greet Smooch.
Who would have eaten Pepé for dinner were it not for the fence that separated them.
And then Smooch would have eaten Mr. Firewood Delivery Man for dessert if he made one wrong move. 

And this is why I'm not worried about giving delivery people directions to my ranch. Smooch has my back.
And now I've got two cords of firewood to keep me warm all winter. And I didn't have to haul it myself.
The end.


  1. Hey, you don't have to live in the middle of nowhere to worry about delivery men, IMO anyway. I'm not as isolated as you, but the way my house sits, I'm quite by my self with a husband that works 2nd shift, and seems deliveries always come after he's gone. UGH! BUT, you have Smooch and I have Wally ... he's my love bug, but I'm sure if someone made the wrong move he'd come to my aid.

    I also have wild sunflowers that look like yours along my woods ... mmmm, have never sniffed them, so I'm wondering. No matter, they look beautiful along there and are quite abundant this year.

  2. a check? or a cheque?

  3. Another serial killer derailed by Smooch. What a dog!

  4. Your sunflower/bedroom window photo looks a little . . . surreal.
    And Peach-With-Sunflowers ought to go up on a wall somewhere. Perhaps in the chicken palace?

  5. Love the photo of Peach!

    When Denny and I spent our first winter traveling across southern New Mexico and Arizona I found the desert to be barren. Then the wild flowers bloomed and I realized I had to let go of my Ohio-green grass-soft landscape mentally and embrace the blue skies and hard edges of the Southwest. Each has their own beauty and now I appreciate both.

  6. What a beautiful picture of peach.

  7. I LOVE the sunflowers! We found a whole field of them up in Lone Pine, along the Sierra Nevada. And, they are sticky, too! How would I know? I pulled off some dry ones to bring home and ugh! Sticky stuff was all over my hands!

  8. There are lots of things to be thankful for: beautiful flowers, firewood, and delivery men who are not serial killers.

  9. Love your garden pictures. The flowers have such bright beautiful faces. Thanks for sharing.
    Lynda in Michigan.

  10. Don't you just feel good/ready for winter when you've got firewood stacked and hay in the barn?

  11. Your pictures are stunning. The sunflowers are beautiful. Its a shame they don't smell great. Sunflowers are my favorite flower of all time. Does the Russian sage have the same smell as other sage?

  12. An axeman,a pit bull and a ranch in the middle of nowhere, with the right music this could be a Clint Eastwood film especially with the beautiful flowers as a background. We would have come looking for you if this blog wasn't posted. You can bet on that! We've got your back.
    Best always, Sandra

  13. Great pictures! Glad Smooch was there to back you up. :)

    Question about burning cedar (yes, I was that girl in class in elementary school). Does it put off a lot of pitch/soot when it burns? Seems like your chimney would need a good scrubbing every spring. :)

  14. Your flower pictures are beautiful!! Too bad they smell so bad. Glad the firewood delivery dude was not a serial killer and you, Smooch and the kitties will be warm all winter.

  15. this one was very intertaining :) glad the delivery man turned out to be civil LOL you keep us smiling !!! thanks...Jeanne from SC

  16. the picture of the flowers were exquisite ! your camera must be better than mine....whose isn't? hahaha jeanne

  17. It's a great feeling of security a dog can add to a home and yard. Love ya, Smooch! Good dog... good dog!

  18. Love the chicken picture. YAY for firewood!

  19. What a happy story. With flowers and everything. Fortunately, I can't smell them from way over here. *smile*

    (Do you think Mr. Firewood Man brought his pitbull, Pepe with him just in case YOU were a serial killer madwoman who might kill him & bury him under a cholla...?)

  20. Smooch is a GOOD DOG!!

    And the photo of Peach and the Sunflower should be a greeting card. Absolutely lovely!

    Have a great weekend.

  21. What fabulous light! Someday we might see the sun again over here in the NE... 1 - 3" of rain due today...

  22. Your flowers are beautiful even if they are a bit stinky. Geraniums are beautiful, but smell horrible. What's with that? :-) Once again, Smooch doesn't back down from anyone or any dog! Yay, Smooch!

  23. Photos of yellow flowers are almost as much of a morning-smile-maker as photos of burros. Yellow flowers are my favorite, and yellow flowers with a chicken named Peach makes my day.

  24. Beautiful photos! (Thank you for not sharing the stink.) Glad the firewood delivery went smoothly, and glad you have Smooch there. :) But seriously .... he had a PIT BULL with him? Wow! Maybe he was afraid you were a renegade rancher woman waving a shotgun at everything that came past the gate.

  25. ...some serial killers are nice after all? :)

    And I LOVE peaches profile shot.

  26. Coincidentally, I stayed up reading A Dog's Purpose last night.

  27. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure the flowers are in their own right, but your lighting, framing... they just glow. Especially peach. Lovely! I really enjoyed looking at them. And cedar firewood sounds fragrant. Maybe the firewood guy had a pit bull along because he was worried about driving out in the middle of nowhere all by himself! :)

  28. I imagine he worries as much about serial killers who live in the middle of nowhere as you do about them delivering wood... I mean who is going to miss a firewood delivery man for a few days?

    Bwaaa haa haa!

    (this is why I don't read Stephen king)

    Lovely flowers, thanks for not posting them in smell-o-vision.

  29. Laughin' our asses off here. My Man and I are so glad that you weren't accosted by the serial killer!!!

    Only 2 cord??? My Man is wondering what kind of stove you have...he just split and stacked 6 cord to get us through our winter ;~)