Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday encore ~ Alan's amazing ear trick

For awhile there, it seemed like every picture I took included
at least one animal sticking out his tongue.

Now it's an ear thing...

...a disappearing ear thing.

Post-processing: 1. Crop; 2. Remove sensor dust spots with clone and patch tools ... someday I'll just get that sensor cleaned; 3. PW's Define and Sharpen action; 4. MCP's Touch of Lightness action on Alan's left eye; 4. PW's Quick Edge Burn action at 15%

No wonder they don't listen to me half the time.


  1. One eared burros are kind of weird looking, but I still think they are cute. Have a great day!

  2. Just like a man. One ear closed and can't hear out of the other... LOL

  3. why should 4 legged burros be any different from 2 legged humans when they are your kids eh! ;P

  4. And such gorgeous ears they are, too!