Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mad Cow

It was around 7:00 Tuesday morning. I headed out to put fly masks on Lucy and the boys.

Me: Whatcha lookin' at, Alan?

Alan: Mad cow.

Me: Why are you mad, cow?

Cow: I'm covered with mud, the flies won't leave me alone, all my friends are on the other side of that barbed wire fence, 
and I can't figure out how to get over there.

Me: Don't get your tail all twisted in a knot. 
We'll find a way to get you back with your herd.

Cow: Maybe those funny-looking things with the long ears will help me.

Cow: Mooooooo. You look like you're having fun.
Please can I come over to your side of the fence?

Alan: Moo yourself. Lose the stink-eye and be quiet,
then maybe we'll consider it.

Alan: Do you think we should invite her over here?
George: I think not. Mom has enough poop to clean up.

Cow: Now what am I gonna do?

Six legged cow: You got yourself over there, you can get yourself back. 
And clean yourself up before you do. You're setting a bad example for the children.

Cow: Mooooooo. Will somebody please cut me some slack? 
I'm a cow. I get muddy. That's no reason to shun me.

George: Go straight for about a half mile, then turn right. That gate is probably open.
Cow: Thanks, neighbor. I owe you one.


  1. Good lord, what drama out there on the range!

  2. Some days I really feel like that cow....:D

  3. "Six-legged cow".... ah ha ha ha! (<-- that's me, laughing out loud at 4:40 in the morning bc I can't sleep and I'm reading your blog).

  4. So, did the cow get back with her herdmates? Silly cow!

  5. Well, who knew that cows needed direction in life.

  6. Hey, we have something in common. I live in the city and my neighbours are cows also, the 2 legged kind ;-)

  7. Did she find her way back to the herd?

  8. I had one of those at my mom's house this weekend. Only, she was having a blast grazing the tall grass and her young one was on the other side bawling away. She had a secret place she'd come through everyday. My son and I worked on fences and (hopefully) fixed it so that now she's stuck on the other side with everyone else. No fair getting extras, right?

  9. Loved it! LOVED IT!! The "six-legged cow" kinda caught me off-guard ... had to look twice and then I laughed out loud! Hey, that rhymes! Have a great Wednesday!!

  10. that cow looks like it was splashed by a semi doing about 80!

  11. Cows are so much trouble. Even the six-legged ones. Pretty funny!

  12. Your 'six-legged cow' comment cracked me up! I hope that muddy cow made her way back to the herd.

  13. Some days really are a six-legged cow day!! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. I feel like I spend half my life on the wrong side of the fence.

  15. Add to the list of things she's mad about: she looks a little on the thin side so she was probably hoping to get in with the guys and have what they're having. :)

  16. I just "fell upon" your blog. I believe I'll like it a lot. So- you will be the first blogger that I am sending a comment. I love all things equine, canine, feline, caprine, porcine, etc.

    I love your sense of humor and the donkeys are too cute for words.

    I am a blogger also but have never linked to anyone for fear of rejection. Currently I can not get to my blog since my veterinarian daughter "re-did" her web page. I write for Don't bother looking me up. I doubt you would like the blogs.

  17. I LOVE that second picture! I lol'd at the six-legged cow.. and I can picture Alan saying "Moo yourself." Did the cow make it back to its side of the fence?

  18. LOL! So funny. It's not to often you see a six-legged cow!

  19. This looks like the muddy cow that's between Lucy's ears in the first photo of your 9/26 post... Best I can tell its the same mud-splatter. :-)

    Cows... you gotta love 'em.