Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best. Day. Ever.

Tap tap tap...do I remember how to do this? Four days incommunicado was tough. I missed you. But it was kind of nice to break the shackles that keep my wrists attached to this keyboard, if only for an extra-long weekend. You didn't miss too much - there was a day of shopping, a day of cleaning, a day of chicken-coop building... But the best day of all? That's the one I want to share with you now.

The boys of Morning Bray Farm arrived Sunday morning.
Bernard couldn't get off the trailer fast enough for his play date. 

And look who was next...Patrick! We all wanted to make sure he had the best time ever, this being his first outing
away from Morning Bray Farm since being rescued from his life as a roping donkey.

Ellsworth was the last to unload. I think he may have sensed that fun and games were not the only items on his agenda.

Anyway, seeing six donkeys in one corral was more than any of us could stand. Hank literally was jumping for joy.
(Don't worry. He knows how to land softly and safely from his airs above the ground.)

Everybody had to show off and establish his place in the new herd.
Me: Yes, George, I do think you look tough with your slicked-back ears.
Now put them back up and play nice.

Alan and Patrick are of like size, and there was a short meeting of the minds.
Or was that a meeting of the short minds?

All the boys lined up for an audience with the queen Lucy.
Bernard: I am not worthy. Get me out of here.

Once the formalities were over, Justina and I saddled up Ellsworth and Lucy for the mane event,
while Don stayed back to babysit brush Hank. Hank can be so demanding. Sorry, Don, but thanks!  

Ellsworth took to the trail like he'd been doing this all his life. Riding in ditches, through narrow pathways between trees, alongside live cows, alongside a dead cow... the boy passed every test we gave him. And you should see him trot and lope! It was tough to take pictures of Justina, though. The glare from her smile kept overexposing the images.

She took this picture of me taking a picture of her. The smiling was contagious.

Ellsworth: Want to come over to my place next time? 
I know this great trail down by the river where we can be alone.

Meanwhile, back at the corral after the best-trail-ride-ever, 
Patrick was in his element. He got to taste his first potato chip...

and his first margarita.

He even went nose-to-nose with Smooch...

...while I was giving a lecture on hoof anatomy. Perhaps it was the tequila talking.

Wynonna got her fair share of attention. She also got her biannual vaccination. It's a three-person job, and Justina and Don were gracious enough to assist. You know who your real friends are when they help you give your pig a shot.

Then it was time to hang out in the pasture and see if we could get everybody together for a group shot.
Lucy: Dare I ask what you're doing, Justina?

Justina: Work with me here, ok? I'm trying to move everyone closer together.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and it was time to load up the MBF boys for the trek home.

There goes Patrick, the self-loading donkey. (If his cattle-prod-wielding abusers could see him now...) 

Best. Day. Ever.


  1. Aaaaah ... many thanks for sharing your day ... I thoroughly enjoyed it! Glad you enjoyed your break too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this good day with this wonderful photos. What a fun for everyone, can´t stop looking at all those details:-)

  3. What a FUN day! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. Awe. I enjoyed it too! :)

  5. Love your play dates!!
    As usual --- awesome pictures!!

  6. I am blaming you for making me fall in love with donkeys! I wonder if one would like living at the tipi with me...?

  7. Glad you has a great day! Glad you had a break. Glad your back.

  8. I love each and every one of these pictures for different reasons. :)

    Thank you for a wonderful day... and yes, I'd say Best. Day. Ever. too.

    So, when are you and Lucy headed back this way so Ellsworth can take Lucy down by the river? ;)

  9. Hi Linda, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend! I found you through Pioneer Woman several months ago, and have been loving reading your wonderful blog ever since. I guess that makes me a 'lurker'... ;)
    I really look forward to reading about your daily adventures each morning with my coffee. Your photography is amazing, and you are a great writer, as well. My only problem is that I want to scritch some bellies and boutas of all your precious babies, and I can't! I do hope to meet a potbellied pig and a burro and a donkey one day. My heart belongs to animals...and I think your corral looks really great with 28 hooves in it!

  10. U could set up a few tables in the corral, invite the public in and have the gang serve refreshments and make a fortune!! ;-)
    But I was a little worried when that the donkey getting his hoof checked might lift his/her tail on you :D

  11. I felt like I was almost there in person! What a great day for all involved. :)

  12. It's so wonderful for the two groups to get together and socialize. Love all these photos... it really shows how great the day was!

  13. Oh, it looks like so much fun. Hank's arabesque was stunning!

    But my favorite photo is of Justina and Don.

    Thanks for sharing, as always.

    I'm glad you had fun on your weekend.

  14. I had no idea Ellsworth was trail ready! Woo Hoo!! Two trail bosses and their women riders!

    Hank really felt overwhelmed, didn't he? Quite a sight to see him revved up. (Course you know I'm a huge Hank fan)

    That *was* a FABULOUS day, thanks for sharing.

  15. A weekend of fun and games was had by all. Wonderful shots of everybody running and jumping. Hank really showed his true happy colors.
    Wish I was there!
    Best always,

  16. Great story, great photos, great way to start my morning!

  17. What a fantastic way to start my day !

    Thank you for letting us share your Best.Day.Ever with you and Justina and Don !!!!!

  18. What a fantastic day for everyone! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Glad you are back! Looks like you had a great mini vacation. Love the play day pictures.

  20. Missed you. But all the boys and Miss Lucy in one shot sure made up for it.

  21. Carol in Colorado9/6/11, 9:28 AM

    Oh Hank got air!! That was a wonderful sight to see him all excited. I am glad you took time away from the computer and had a wonderful weekend especially riding with Lucy, Justina and Ellsworth. I love the photo of Justina and Don admiring the view.

  22. Looks like so much fun!!!! Oh how I love Wynona!!!

  23. So missed you while you were having a great weekend. Glad you are back. Love the Air that Hank got! He is so pretty. Love all the festivities that went on. And your correct, it IS the best day ever! I enjoyed it!

  24. It does look like the "best day ever" and everyone had a great time. Aren't long weekends nice? Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. Wish I was there too, but I can live vicariously thanks to your wonderful photos. It was the best.day.ever. no. doubt.

  26. This reminds me of a Cesar Millan show, with his pack all running around and having a great time.

  27. What wonderful pictures. They tell such a story. I'm glad you had the BEST day ever and we all are happy to have you back to get our days off to a good start. Nothing goes with morning coffee like 7MSN inhabitants and their stories.

  28. This is such a wonderful smile inducing post. I'd say it was best day ever as well. Good to see smiles all around. Thanks for sharing, we loved it. Casa de Cuckoo

  29. I sure missed your posts. But it was worth the wait. I love each and every photo! Especially "the meeting of the minds" :) So glad that Justina has her smile back!

  30. SWEET!

    George & Alan Fan

    Alan, you'll always be my favorite ;)

  31. What a wonderful, wonderful day!
    And the topper? A few of your fabulous margaritas! Wow!!
    Great pics - every one made me smile :-)

  32. Great story of a great day. A memory maker. I love those days after a good ride where you re-live the ride. Hope there are many more days like that for you.