Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday encore ~ George and Alan rearrange the furniture

I cannot believe it's been a year since one of my favorite people ever came to the 7MSN and hung out with us in the corral. 
George and Alan did their very best to keep Carolynn entertained, including this moment when they stole our chairs.

What started out as a relaxing Sunday morning sitting out at the barn drinking coffee with my house guest quickly gave way to a free-for-all. 
George and Alan decided it was time to rearrange the furniture.

George: I don't know why she ever bought this thing in the first place.
It doesn't match anything out here.

George: @#!$% flimsy piece of Walmart crap collapses every time I pick it up.

George: Alan, see if you can set this back up. I can't figure it out.

Alan: This might require opposable thumbs.
George: Use your head.

Alan: I give up. Let me try the white one.
George: Don't get your head stuck. Remember what happened last time?

Alan: Where do you want me to put this thing?
George: Next to the feed room. Maybe she'll get the hint.

Alan: What about this one?

Hank: They're totally out of control. You know that, right?

Post processing: 1. PW's Slight Lighten action at 58%; 2. PW's Boost action at 39%

George: Let's try it over there by the gate. I think the feng shui will be better.


  1. Oh, just give up and call Nate Berkus for heaven sakes!!!!

  2. They are such characters! Can they come over here and help me rearrange some furniture?

  3. I love this story. They don't want furniture in their barnyard that's for sure. Can't use it anyway!
    Best always, Sandra

  4. lol...that made me smile...

  5. They are the cutest moving men I've ever seen!

  6. This is hilarious..loved it :)

  7. These burros (and the rest of 7MSN Ranch!), the dialog, the photography -- oh how I love this blog! :)

  8. I *love* those chairs... Almost as much as the boys *love* having human butts in them. :-)