Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One piece at a time

Lucy and I headed out Sunday morning with no particular destination in mind other than "over yonder." As we got closer to yonder, Lucy grew worried. Her ears were on extra-high alert and she was reluctant to keep going. Something was up – I just had to figure out what it was. Sure enough, I looked around and saw a great big femur on the ground, in pristene condition. Score!

Lucy: Mom, seriously, how many bones does one person need?
Me: As many as we can collect. Just humer us me.

A few yards beyond the femur was the mother lode and the smelly cause for Lucy's consternation – 
an entire cow skeleton, still sort of ripe for the pickin's.
Clearly, I had to retrieve the skull. A girl can never have too many skulls.

For the record, this saddle bag has a one-cow-skull capacity. 
The manufacturer should include that in the specifications. It could be a big selling point. 

Lucy: I swear to God, if you strap that ribcage on me, I'm never speaking to you again.
Me: Relax. It's not going anywhere. We'll come back for it next time.

 So I zipped up the bag, secured it to the saddle, and off we went on our merry way home.
But the adventure wasn't over yet. A few miles westward, we found another treasure.

Me: Look, Lucy! A spine!
Lucy: Yeah? We've all got one. What's the big deal?
Me: This one might be too small to be a bovine's. We should take it home for further analysis.

 Lucy: What's with this "we" crap? I want no part of this. 
I'm starting to look like a Christmas tree with all these ornaments.
Me: Come on, be a sport. It's not heavy and it will give us something to blog about.
Lucy: Well, when you put it in those terms, I guess it's ok. 

 When we arrived home, Smooch was very excited about the day's haul.

Smooch: I'm not sure what's in that bag, but it smells divine. Can I have it? Pretty please?
Me: Sorry, toots. Skulls are reserved for display purposes only.

 Should trespassers ever appear at this gate, 
surely they will think twice about messing with the occupants...I hope.

Nothing says "bad-ass lives here" more than a cadaver...

...or two...

...or better yet, the real thing.


  1. I love that you and Lucy have these adventures, and that she says things like, "crap".

    Are her velcro anklets for support, protection, or are the a NM fashion statement?

  2. My goodness! Did you ever figure out what kind of animal the spine belonged to? And, whose dead cow was that? Lots of questions!

  3. Anne, the wraps protect Lucy's legs from cactus needles and from nicking herself when she gaits.

  4. That last photo says it all. "We've got you covered, Mom." :)

  5. You call them Lucy's wraps, I call them hand knitting sock possibilities!

  6. Ya, those are some real bad asses in that last photo. :-)

  7. Lucy is one very patient (with you) and understanding creature. You sure are lucky she puts up with your (strange) habits. Sure would like to see her blog.

  8. Please tell me a sandwich won't go in saddle bag on the next trip! I bet it will. Maybe you can connect all this bones.
    I understand totally just going over yonder. I have discovered I enjoy riding by myself as much as with a group. I can stop every 15 ft and take a picture if I want to.

  9. Of course you can't have too many skulls and bones. Luckily, I have terriers to retrieve them for me.

  10. A garden of bones.
    Best always, Sandra

  11. I'm just curious, do you crack yourself up when you are writing your blogs!??

  12. If I was Lucy I would be demanding extra carrots for having to carry those fence decorations home ;-)

  13. That was quite a haul. I guess you'd call that a really good day finding so many dead things giving up their bones. I like the skulls on the entry, it does make someone think a bad ass lives there.

  14. Estella from Co.8/10/11, 7:12 AM

    What fun you both have on your rides. As for washing your fly masks in the washing machine I do it all the time, well, not ALL the time. First I rinse them off and then toss them in the washer, maybe 3-4 times a season. Usually I have some major mending to do either with needle and thread or my favorite material DUCT TAPE. Hugs the kids for me.

  15. Ha! The "bad asses" made me laugh!

  16. Poor cow. Sorry that it had to go, but that was a great find. I think, if you really want to scare someone off, you should post a picture of your chickens devouring an unsuspecting passerby.

  17. A bunch of cow's skulls would scare off bovines, for sure.
    Seems like some of these might be called for on your fence:
    Better keep the receipt, in case the local sheriff wonders how you came by the things.

  18. The last photo of the two skulls on the fence is frame worthy!

    I hope you are singing the song "Dem bones, dem bones, dem DRY bones" as you are making your rounds in the desert!

    It's certainly running through my head right now. "The hip bones connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bones connected to the..."

  19. Too bad Smooch can't go with you on those rides, but I understand about the wandering off problem. My cowdogs were always with me. As cowdogs do, they were never more than a few feet from the horse. The horse and the dogs worked together to keep track of our surroundings. Best trail dog ever? Patsy, an Australian Kelpie. Shorter hair than the Queenies, and not so eager to heel things. Like my own horse when I said "whoa."

  20. I have to laugh a little bit at how absolutely patient Lucy is with all your antics. And such a lucky find! I hardly ever see a femur laying around when I go out. Love, love, love the bad asses at the 7MSN.

  21. Ahh my favorite! Cow one time I had quite the collection; my dad thought I had finally split a biscuit(gone off the deep end) and when I painted them and sold them for good money he started looking around for more. Wish I was living "out yonder" so I could find some again. As for your "bad asses" they look to kind in the face but I'm sure they could kick some tail when needed? Hug those kids for me. Teresa

  22. Lucy looks like one patient donkey, and the desert looks so beautiful. I'm not sure about the skulls.

  23. Here's a cool hat that would be perfect for you. It's a Bone Collecter hat.

  24. This was an exciting adventure Lucy--thanks for including us all !!!!