Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lucy wins again

Alan: Isn't it a little early for her to be taking pictures? I've still got bags under my eyes.
George: Didn't you hear her carrying on last night? Something about how she never gets to see our faces
because we're always wearing those cussed fly masks.
Alan: Hell-o! She's the one who makes us wear them! It's her own damned fault.

George: Get over it. I, for one, appreciate the time and trouble she takes to keep my mask clean and my eyes fly-free. 
Unlike you, who has lost how many fly masks this summer? Three? Or are you up to four? They don't grow on trees, you know.
Alan: Sure they do. Where do you think I've been leaving all of them?

George: Let's go over and hang out with her. My ears could use a good scratching.
Alan: Now that you mention it, so could my butt.

George: Pssst...don't look now but there's trouble at 2:00.

Alan: Are we going to let Lucy run us off again?

George: I don't suppose you have a better idea...


  1. Those ears say it all don't they.
    Best always, Sandra

  2. Looks like Lucy t-boned the boys on their way to the 'scratching post'. :)

  3. Those first 3 pics look like they're sauntering along as a sheriff and his deputy in an old western movie. I think Hollywood might be calling!

  4. Hmmm, maybe you should write a book about "donkey behaviour". I think the boys and Lucy would agree to be models ;-)

  5. Wow, she doesn't look happy. Did they make fun of her or does she not share?

  6. Lucy figures if there's any ear scratching going on...she'll be first in line! :)

  7. Oh, poor George and Alan. I'm hoping they were able to get scritches later, after Lucy was satisfied that she was "Number 1."

  8. Can't blame the boys for trying!

  9. I LOVE LUCY!!!

    She is my kind of woman, I mean donkey!!!!

    Although I do feel a little bit sorry for Alan and George. So close but yet so far, hee hee!!!!!

  10. I love how expressive their ears are...kinda like a cat's tail. Speaking volumes without saying a word.

  11. that is hysterical. I see that with the mares and my sweet gelding all the time. oh the ladies, they can be so cruel.

  12. Alan... what a funny boy! Well, at least he finally admitted where he's been leaving all those fly masks. lol. :-)

  13. I love "their" conversations - so happy you can translate!

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. I don't know how to break this to you, but in my experience it's the donkey with the fly mask on that is the culprit behind the missing fly mask.

    But I'm not pointing fingers.

    Lucy has some serious "don't mess with me" lay to those ears!