Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Encore ~ By the Light of the Monsoon

This post is from last July, when the summer monsoons were in full swing. I can only wish this year were the same. The clouds are starting to move in each afternoon, but only once has any rain fallen out. Anyway, I was in the mood to see some puddles, and these pictures are full of them.

It rained Friday evening – one of those Amazon jungle kind of rains where it pours and pours 
and pours straight down for about an hour, the storm moves on, then the sun comes out.
Post processing: 1. Crop; 2. Remove wires with healing brush; 3. PW's Boost at 25% 4. PW's Sharpen This on reflection; 5. PW's Quick Edge Burn at 21%

This weather pattern should repeat itself many times between now and the end of August. We call it our monsoon season, and it's my favorite time of year ... despite the heat, the humidity, and the muddy road out to the highway.

Because really, when else are you going to see this kind of light?

Hank loves monsoon season, too. The quick drop in temperature as a storm moves through makes him feisty.

I cringe when I see him doing his airs above the ground, thinking he might slip on the landing, 
but I'm smiling all the while, too, because it makes me happy to see him play like this.

So between the light,

Hank's healthy happiness...

...and having a little water to photograph...

I'm loving monsoon season.


  1. I hope you get some rain soon. Looks like Hank will do a rain dance albeit after the shower.
    Best always, Sandra

  2. Sure do miss those mon-soony skies of the Southwest, although we get some great stormy skies here in Virginia too.

    Absolutely wonderful photos!


  3. Beautiful blue in the sky! I would LOVE to send you all of the blasted rain we received yesterday, and the day before and the day before that to you! please take it gift to you ;-)

  4. I remember this post WELL! And it is wonderful to see again: your awesome shots of your handsome Hank.
    I have forgoten to mention: you go girl on having your own icon in the web address bar.... nice touch :) (I know it's been a bit...)

  5. Carol in Colo7/9/11, 8:56 AM

    I would be happy to send you some of the rain we have received in the past three days from the monsoon. I love to watch the horses get feisty from spring/summer storms.

  6. That is my absolute favorite type of lighting <3

  7. Great pictures of Hank. I hope we all get rain soon. It is starting to get a little on the crispy side in NE Oklahoma. Have a good weekend!

  8. I'm in awe of the horse and the photograph and the touch ups! :)

  9. Your photos are breath taking! Seeing Hank prance and dance around makes me smile. I can only hope to be half as go as you are at pohtography. I truly enjoy your blog!

  10. I've always loved these pictures! Hank looks beautiful against the dark blue skies. Heard you got some rain today. Please send a bunch of it southeast about 700 miles.......