Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Encore ~ Bringin' in the herd

Today is National Day of the Cowboy, so it just seems fitting to share this story again, posted originally in June 2009.

I have a confession to make – there's something I haven't told you in all these many posts. I suffer from a chronic condition called punctual-osis, and there is no cure. No matter what the event, how far away it may be, or what the weather, I will arrive on time. Not a few minutes early, not a few minutes late, but ON time. Even if I try to be fashionably late, the fates will intervene and I will be there EXACTLY on time. It's a disease that I've learned to live with.

All of which is to say I arrived at the Carrizozo Cowboy Days round-up on time and was the first truck in the parking lot because, of course, everybody else hit their snooze alarm a few times.

Which was just fine with me because my Chevy got to size up the Dodge that parked next to her and try out her best pick-up lines.

And I had plenty of time to survey the scene and select the best vantage point for the arrival of the cowboys and the herd.

I'm guessing that about 150 cow/calf pairs were rounded up that morning. The cowboys worked slowly and quietly to move the herd into the catch pens. This cowboy was whistling ever so softly to keep the herd moving.

The crew tightened its circle around the herd and patiently waited while all the moms and their babies funneled through the gate. The youngest cowboy in the outfit stood out not only for his youth, but for his fashion sense.

The ranch horses were as quiet and handsome as the cowboys. They'd all been there and done that many times before, lived to tell about it, and had the scars to prove it.

What I will remember most about the round-up are the sounds and the biscuits and gravy. And the handsome cowboys. I can't begin to describe the symphony of moos. It was a loud and constant roar as the moms and babies called out until they found each other.

The round-up was held at the Spencer family's Bar W Ranch just north of Carrizozo. The current generation of Spencers is headed up by this cowboy. It was truly an honor to watch him work and lead his crew.  

Carrizozo's Cowboy Days are a celebration of cowboy culture, and I don't think you could find a better example of the breed.


  1. Hey, Carson! I'm awake over here in CA at 3:04 that 4:04 your time? Love the photos of the cows...I LOVE cows! Hubby and I are over in Arizona (Scottsdale) for the weekend...just needed a change of scenery and the air conditioning is free at the hotel! Hehehehehe!!!

  2. Don't feel bad, my husband suffers from the same illness. Seems like I have the cure though ; )

    It's always interesting to see something like this that is so foreign to where I live. Definitely not many cowboys in New England bringing the herds in!

  3. As always, beautiful. I love pictures that tell stories and yours are always spot on.

  4. oh my goodness.... swoon.... you'll have to let me know when this event occurs next year. I'll be there with my lipstick on and a sweet fitting pair of wranglers with some cute little cowgirl shirt :) I'm just going to have to meet the hunky-hunk in the 4th photo....

    i have the opposite disease as you.... as hard as I try, as early as I get up, I am still 15 minutes late; I don't do much to get ready, no hair dryer, barely any make-up.... still...15 min late sigh

  5. Beautiful series of photos. It seems if you ever REALLY want a cowboy husband, that might be a good place to start looking:-)

  6. I'm like you...always on time. My hubby drives me nuts cause he's always early. Love your photos!

  7. These photos are like something off another planet for me. Can I come hang out with you guys for like... a week...? I promise I won't be in the way.

  8. I'm afraid I have the same disease as JaneK - maybe because my middle name is Jane. I will always be late! One friend used to ask me to meet her at a certain time, soon tried to give me a time 15 minutes before she'd be there! That didn't work, either - Mom used to say I'd be late for my own funeral.

    As for your cowboy story - I love it! They look happy and very self-confident. The calves are adorable.

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. awesome photos....I felt like I was there..

  10. I've participated in National Day of the Cowboy events for the past few years....and it's always hotter than heck! It is the 4th Saturday of July each year.

  11. *sigh* Cowboys. *sigh*

    and cute baby cows.