Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mask on, mask off

Lucy and the boys have me so well trained. Every evening at 8:00, I venture into the pasture 
to find them and remove their fly masks. It's sort of like turn-down service, 
minus the chocolate on their pillows. Though I'm sure they would expect that, too, if it were offered.

Finding them isn't difficult. I just follow the beaten path. Worst case, they'll be half a mile away.
Lately, they seem to enjoy making me exercise. I can take a hint.

The only things I dislike about summer are flies and fly masks.
I despise not being able to look Hank and Lucy and George and Alan in the eye.

Lucy looks like a cross between a joker and a bat wearing her mask.

Oh, that's so much better. Wait... What's that hanging from your mouth, Lucy?

Lucy: I have a peeth of thacthus thuck to my lip.

Me: Aw, geez, Lucy. I'm not packing any gloves or tools. Let's see if I can knock it off with the camera lens.

Me: That was a bad idea.

Me: This stuff is sharp and sticky. You're not supposed to eat it. 
Now go find some dead grass to munch on instead.

Frankly, we're all kind of sick of dead grass and can only pray that the little bit of rain 
that has fallen these past few days might make the pasture spring to life.

Me: Good night, Lucy. Sleep tight and don't let the cactus bite.


  1. OUCH! Bet Lucy knows not to take a bite of that anymore.

  2. Geez, that thing looks sharp AND heavy!
    Sometimes I wonder how you live there...

  3. OUCH!! I really really wish I could send you the gloomy, rainy weather from here in Northern ALberta and you send me some warm sunshine,,,,I call that a fair trade eh ;-)

  4. That thacktus ith nathty thtuff!

    Would love to oblige you all and send some rain your way. It's so green around here it hurts my eyes!


  5. Ouch! That cactus must have hurt!

  6. You know a fly mask makes a good glove in a pinch. Just a suggestion.

    I don't like fly masks either, but from the way Lily and Smokey drop their head in them, I think they find them quite a relief.

    Were the strings not working anymore?

  7. I love the evening sky. How do these animals eat cactus without stabbing their tongues? It always amazes me how animals adapt to such dry conditions.
    How 'bout a rain dance!
    Best always,

  8. This is the first time I have ever ever seen the ears on a Cashel fly mask filled! Lucy is on awesome girl.

  9. Dang! Poor Lucy, that looked like it hurt both of ya'll....

  10. Breathe, the string masks are still working, when I can find them. I let Hank wear the red one the other day and he came home without it.

  11. In that shot where you're holding the thactus out to show her, Lucy plainly has a look of gentle amusement on her face.

  12. So cute, as always!

    I used to have the same problems - until I sewed a little reflective tape on the mask. Go searching at dusk with a flashlight and you'll find them no problem.

    Trouble is I had to buy 2 sets so I could get them on before dusk when the bugs got bad.

  13. Ouch, that was a nasty bit of cactus. We're heading into a week of the wet stuff. *sigh* Weather is like hair. It's never does what you want it to do.

  14. that is a great pic of george. he almost looks like a deer. what a beautiful expression.

    i hate not seeing my horse's expressions too during the day cuz of the mask. but he seems to appreciate it, the way he drops his head into it every morning.

  15. Poor Lucy. Luckily you were there to get her out of her prickly predicament.

  16. owwwww! for both of you. I sat on part of a cactus once. It was not a fun scene having those pins pulled out of my cheeks....

    great shots with great lighting....

  17. Noticed the new fly masks. You may soon see a few cows wearing those string masks:) That cactus must have really hurt the mouth, huh Lucy? And your mom's arm...