Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alan needs his space

A rainy Saturday afternoon at the 7MSN. Can't remember the last time that happened. Neither could Alan. 
He hates standing around in the barn as much as he hates standing outside getting wet, so he got kind of grumpy. And territorial.

Alan: I am not sharing this stall with you, Lucy. Go away.

Lucy: What. Ever.

Lucy: What in the heck is his problem? This barn is big enough for all of us.

Alan: I was here first.

Alan: Butt out.

Alan: Mom, she's ignoring me!
Me: If you want her to leave, perhaps you should ask her politely. 
Girls are sensitive, you know. You may have hurt her feelings.

Me: I'll hurt something more than that if she keeps crowding me.

Me: Alan, she's not going to budge and you know it.
Her stink-eye is way more effective than your back feet off the ground.

Alan: Why doesn't anybody ever take me seriously?
Me: Maybe because you're so cute when your nostrils flare?

In the end, Alan and Lucy called a truce and waited out the rain.


  1. Boy, Alan sure can have an attitude! Who'd a thought .....

  2. How wonderful, more rain! I look forward to see the local vegetation come to life in your pictures!

  3. Kids will be kids and boys will be boys. For heaven sakes, Alan... just suck it up and deal! LOL

  4. Aren't they cute? Our mountains got rain yesterday and thunderstorms are forecast for the entire area, including the burned areas of Anza-Borrego, for today. That could be bad...flooding...

  5. I am sorry for the kids getting a case of the grouchies, but very HAPPY you are getting rain eh!

  6. Hmmmm; Lucy looks pretty smug in the last photo!

  7. Poor Alan, has to share his room with a girl!

    I have somehow managed to just now see Lucy's brand. Is it an anchor or a rocking cross? Do you know anything about it?

  8. I notice Alan wasn't grumpy or brave enough to actually connect with those back feet. Can't fool Miss Lucy; she can spot a bluff.

  9. This sibling rivalry is exactly why we are moving GK into a her room and leaving the boy Ry alone to play and mess and have his space. We get the kicking and stink eye and being "muley". Casa de Cuckoo
    But I must admit...poor Alan, he had his Momma first and it's hard to be a grown up donk and suck it up when he wants to be the baby. We have that too.....grands vs animals....yep I get it.
    We haven't gotten rain.....I'm glad you have yay.

  10. Love the B&W's, they really high light Lucy's spots nicely.

  11. Yay for rain! We had some last night. Our boys were in the barn too...and none too happy about it either. :) Alan might as well learn to suck it up...Lucy isn't going to let that little boy get the best of her.

  12. I swear, those guys are so expressive. they let you know exactly what kind of a mood they are in. I feel for ya' Alan, I have space issues too. I don't kick though...

  13. Alan does a fantastic stink eye. Wow. Don't ever let Alan and Mercy have a staredown. That one picture made me laugh, he's so mad and you're telling him he's cute, lol.

  14. what is the brand on Lucys shoulder?

  15. Rainy days spent inside. I remember those as a kid. BORing! *smile*

  16. I swear, no one listens to me either, Alan. Lo siento.

    Yay rain!