Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The one where the chickens discuss the lunch menu

It was Sunday morning around 10. Lucy and I had just returned from a beautifully normal and blissfully uneventful ride. The gentle rhythm of her gait helped center all the good energy of the universe back toward the 7MSN, pushing out all the weirdness from the previous days.

Then I looked out the bedroom window and saw the hens getting ready to attack a snake.

"Enough is enough!" I shouted skyward. I calmed down when I realized it was a harmless bullsnake and the universe was simply giving me a photo opportunity. No cause for alarm. No need to write part four of the weirdest thing series. Whew.

The chickens took a step back and patiently waited for me to get the camera. 

Aibileen: Well, girls, what's the plan here? Should we eat him?

Peach: I think we might want to wait until he's a little bigger. 
Divided by five, those would be awfully small portions.

Me: Make up your minds, girls. He's headed my way and I don't have my shoes on.

Clara: You really should keep a pair of boots by the door, you know.
Me: When did you get to be so smart?

Me: There he goes. You blew your chance, girls.

Me: Wait...he turned the corner and crawled right back in. I think he likes it here.

Eugenia: This guy obviously hasn't read the one where Peach ate the tarantula.

Minnie: Why do you think he's not afraid of us?

Clara: Snakes are very good listeners. He heard mom declare there shall be no drama this week.


  1. One more reason why I really like chickens: they eat bugs, snakes, and garbage.

  2. Are chickens known for killing snakes? I would have figured they'd have run away from it!

  3. Do those snakes eat rodents? If he/she is a harmless non poisonous snake i hope it has a "snack" before it moves on or moves in eh? I wish for you that the only excitement at the 7MSN is to decide what to eat for lunch!

  4. Those girls are brave and curious souls.... and quite lovely I might add.


  5. Excuse-me what's behind Eugenia on the last photo? A pottery pig???

  6. OMG, you have the Best Stories! Wouldn't it be fairly easy to weave them into a book of vignettes?
    Also speaking as one who is MUCH more afraid of spiders & other creepy-crawlies, if you kept boots by the door wouldn't there be Some risk, no matter how minute, that spiders or scorpions might occupy them?

  7. What's funny is, you know those girls really were discussing the matter--mulling it over in their sweet bird brains.

  8. That sly lookin' fella certainly got the girls' attention. Glad to see it was a snake of the harmless variety. Very funny how curious the hens all were. I thought we'd see Peach up to her old tricks again...you don't want to get in her way, is all I'm sayin'...

  9. Like Shadowlake said. I wouldn't keep boots by the door unless they were inside the house!

  10. The "Enough is enough" made me lol. I hear ya sister, I hear ya.
    Glad they didn't kill that one. Those chickens, never underestimate them.

  11. What a combo - chickens and a snake. LOL

  12. Had to share this incredible story of a mule killing a mountain lion:

  13. Oh wow, that is quite the sight! SO are the snakes a danger to the chickens? It was a pretty snake, I have to admit. The markings were beautiful!
    Be sure to stop by new blog, I'm having a great contest! It's me, formerly Pony Girl! ;-)

  14. I thought when you got to the the first wall photo, that there would be a reference to staring at walls or something, toooo funny.

  15. I heard it tastes like chicken.

  16. I was gone most of the day and that might have been a good thing considering your last three days. I was truly afraid to look at the blog today. *lol* It's been like our life here at Rattlesnake Ranch in Middle TN only condensed somewhat intensely.
    *wipes perspiration from brow* I see that all is well at the 7MSN. Thank goodness.
    ...BUT...ATTN: Pat in East Tennessee! I re-read your reply posted last year about "Peach vs. the Tarantula". *ROTFL*:

    Pat in east TN said...
    I cannot believe what I just saw ... I had to go back and look your pictures over again, and well AGAIN! Peach sure has a strange liking for the unusual. Next thing she'll be chasing down a bull snake!

  17. Oh this is HILARIOUS! Love the expressions on the chicken's faces :-D.