Monday, May 16, 2011

Lucy gets a new outfit

I tried to leave you a note before Lucy and I left for our girls' weekend out that the blog would go dark for a few days, then the great crash of 2011 occurred. So much for those plans.

Anyway, what I had wanted to tell you last Friday was that Lucy and I were off to a mule and donkey training clinic for the weekend. Our goals for the clinic were twofold: 1) learn everything we could about communicating with each other and 2) buy a new saddle for Lucy from the trainer, Steve Edwards, who sells his own line of saddles which are specifically designed to fit mules and donkeys.

Mission accomplished on both counts. I'll go into the results of our relationship counseling sessions later in the week. For now, I'll just show you Lucy's new saddle.

She was a tad skeptical of it at first.

You might even say she wanted nothing to do with it...

...until I showed her the details.  No girl can resist a little bling.

The new saddle fits her like a glove, and she was the belle of the ball.
Seriously? Everybody loves Lucy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my friend Lauri and her husband and son 
took care of all that needed taking care of and then some.

Before their arrival, Lauri asked me if there were any chores I needed a little extra help with, things that would require "burly manly strength" so that her husband wouldn't get bored. I couldn't imagine asking anyone to do my chores but she insisted. Really, she did. So I mentioned that I would soon need to restack the hay to make room for this year's crop.

Wouldn't you know, that girl got right in there and restacked the hay...

...then her husband and son tried to take all the credit.

When the husband was done in the hay barn,
he tuned up the Ranger, which now runs like a Ferrari!

Smooch and Sam took Lauri for a walk.
Who knew anti-social Smooch could get along so well with another dog?

It was a great relief to be able to go away for a few days and leave the ranch in good hands.

Wynonna couldn't agree more.


  1. What? No photos of Lucy wearing the new saddle? None of you riding Lucy wearing the new saddle? We must await the next post? *sigh*

  2. Oh Lucy, you go girl, with your bling and your new leathers! Who wouldn't like Lucy?

    It's just great that you have friends who are willing and capable and are so good to your crew. And the stacked hay (no matter WHO takes credit for it): Priceless.

  3. Gorgeous saddle! That bling is great! You are lucky to have such good friends to help with the ranch. I bet it felt good to get away for a couple of days.

  4. What great ranch and pet sitters they were! Bet they'll get lots of requests after this post!!

    Can't wait to hear about the weekend clinic and saddle fitting with Miss Lucy.

  5. Beautiful Lucy, beautiful saddle, beautiful place you live in! ANd Wynonna is gorgeous.

  6. What fantastic friends!
    Lucy will rock that new bling..that second shot of her made me laugh out loud.

  7. My sister has farm animals too and it's always a task to find someone to care for them when she needs to get away for a few days. Glad you had such wonderful help!


  8. Estella from Co.5/16/11, 6:16 AM

    So happy things went well for you ..can't wait to hear ALL about it. WHAT a joy to have such nice friends and to be able to go away ans KNOW that things (IMPORTANT THINGS) WILL be taken care of. I bet the whole gang was glad to have you home. Hugs to all.

  9. Aw friends! They were no slackers that's for sure. I bet they loved being at your place with all the friendly creatures. I'm looking forward to the "how to speak with a donkey" lessons.
    Best always, Sandra

  10. That's nice you had some good "hands" to help out at the ranch! It makes it so much easier to not worry about the ranch and animals and you and Lucy could concentrate on your goals!

  11. WOW!!! what great friends...they have to be good friends because the 7MSN gang said so ;-)
    Um, can I borrow them friends for a couple of days eh?
    I love your new bling Lucy, but does it come in pink :D

  12. Nancy in NC5/16/11, 6:50 AM

    I'm glad blogger came up - for your friends here in NC, we were getting a little paranoid after the last posting was the encounter with a bull snake! Then silence.....yup, me & Colleen were saying our prayers! Glad you were able to get away though. Lucy will be high stepping when she gets that bling on!

  13. It sounds like a perfect weekend all around. The homestead was well taken care of and Lucy got some one on one time with mom.

  14. WELCOME back Linda and Lucy :) Love the saddle and wasn't aware they special made them to fit them. Missed ya terribly ! Jeanne in SC

  15. I sure am glad you girls had a good time at the mule and donkey event. The saddle is a stunner with the concho bling and I'm sure Lucy is impressed with your level of commitment to her beauty and charm.
    I will admit I am one of the worry warts that was concerned about you when the lights went out at the tune of lights out in georgia.
    It's just not a day unless me and the grands get to see what 7MSN and MBF are up to so when you were gone longer than banks are allowed to be closed......well glad you and all the crew are well.
    Super neighbors. THe Olde Bagg and worry wart

  16. You have such a gift of telling stories with your pictures. I really enjoy your site.

  17. So happy that the Porcine Princess got the spa weekend she so richly deserves :)

    Great friends, great pics.

    Lucy has become a great tongue sticking out member of the herd.

    Even though the blog was down for posts, your twitter feed still shows up in its little spot below. Comes in handy for information now and then. Don't do twitter myself but will check on other people's feeds.

    Welcome home!

  18. Love this post-nothing like trustworthy friends!!!

  19. Glad you are okay. I was one of the worried warts wondering what was going on. Lucy's new saddle is beautiful! Love the donkey bling! Can't wait to hear more about the schooling you two had. Looks like you had wonderful ranch sitters!

  20. It's always great to have friends that you can trust, but you get what you give in this life, so you deserve such good friends. Lucy is priceless, and very much deserves her own blingy saddle.

  21. What a beautiful saddle. I like the 'bling' too!
    Can't wait to hear more about the clinic

  22. AwwWWWWW! Wish I lived nearby soOOOoo I could have been there helping and sneezing away!! hehe Lucy is sOOOOo lucky to have YOU and vice versa!! Smooch looks happy sharing her path! SWEET lil story!and cute pics!!

  23. Love the editorial license you took with the photo captions. Yep, a woman's work is never done, especially in the hay barn. Too bad those "burly men" just sat back and cheered me on, lol!

  24. You've got some awesome friends! Looks like all your critters were well taken care of. Were you at Steve Edwards place...or a clinic somewhere? He lives just down the road from me! :)

  25. I love all your photos of your critters. I live in SW New Mexico, we use to live out in the country but age, etc., drove us to city life. Your landscape looks exactly like ours and I so enjoy living vicariously thru your lens. Good to have such helpful friends, that's for sure.

  26. Love the photos and story. Just discovered you and you can bet I'll be stopping by frequently! Lovin' Lucy!

  27. Love the bling even if Lucy is less than impressed. How wonderful to have friends you trust to take care of things at the ranch while you are away! Priceless!

  28. that donkey is a real sweetie

  29. Can't wait to hear about your clinic with Lucy. Nice that you have such great friends to take care of the 7MSN for you.

    Send 'em my way. We could use a vacation.

  30. Lucy is lucky (and adorable!)

  31. awwww.....what a great weekend, what a great saddle, and what great friends! (are they up for hire to help other folks with some "manly" chores???)

  32. I imagine there are folks fighting for a chance to babysit the ranch!

    Ok, maybe not fighting...

    Can't wait to hear about the clinic!