Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ellsworth learns not to mess with an older woman

Every once in awhile during their visit on Sunday, Bernard and Ellsworth would walk off into the trees to have a private conversation. Lucy started to feel a little left out. A girl hates it when she thinks the boys are talking behind her back.

So she let Ellsworth know in no uncertain terms that he was being rude.

Ellsworth got the message. He moved out of Lucy's way so fast that 
he almost forgot to take his front feet with him.

Bernard is a little too young to understand the complexities of male/female relationships 
but wise enough to know he shouldn't get in the middle of a squabble.

I've warned Lucy time and time again that girls aren't supposed to chase boys. People might start to talk.
But in this case, it made for some great action shots and I couldn't find fault.

The chase continued through the trees for a few laps, and when the herd emerged, 
Bernard was still in the lead with Ellsworth close on his heels. Clearly they were running from something.

But who knew it would be Hank, defending his sister's honor?

Lucy: Wait for me, Hank! I want to be there when you punch their lights out.

Which, of course, Hank did not do. He's a lover, not a fighter, as you will see tomorrow.


  1. OK, I'm officially jealous of that one afternoon that provides a week's worth of blog fodder. My life is just not that interesting.

    Love it that Hank was defending his "sister".

  2. What was that really all about?
    Was it making the new kids clear on the pecking order?

  3. Estella from Co.5/24/11, 5:24 AM

    What a hoot....the last picture...Wait for me, Hank! was just TOOOO MUCH. They really enjoyed themselves didn't they. Did Hank have too much action? How much would it take to hurt himself? Have a good day and hugs to the kids.

  4. June, I'll never know for sure what that was all about. I can tell you that in the minutes leading up to it, I was down on one knee taking pictures of B&E while they walked toward me, and Lucy was watching us. Jealousy?

    Estella, I was surprised and a little concerned that Hank got involved in the chase, but I can't stop him from being a horse. A week prior to this, I watched him erupt in the corral doing his airs above the ground and galloping laps. I think that episode actually improved his knee! It was like he broke some scar tissue loose and freed things up. Go figure.

  5. As if I needed a reason to love Hank more..now he defends a woman's honor.

  6. Lovin' the story ... you go get 'em Lucy!

  7. Love those pictures especially with the wordings! :-D

  8. Carol in Colo5/24/11, 8:13 AM

    I love the photo story then I had to go check out Morning Bray Farms blog for a continuation. Go get'em Hank!!

  9. "he almost forgot to take his front feet with him."- well that photo is priceless! Love the last one too of miss Lucy airborne as she heads back into the fray.

  10. With Lucy "still waters run deep". She looks so calm and easy going - until she gets pissed. Boy, look out. :)

  11. Could I ask what camera you use? I'm in the market for a new digital camera, and I'm so impressed with the quality of your pictures. I understand that it takes a good deal of knowledge and talent as well, things I might not have, but I'd like to start with a good instrument.

  12. Hilarious antics from 7MSN...I love it! :)

  13. Oh, this was so much fun! I can only try to imagine how hilarious it was for you and Justine to watch in person. Can't wait for the rest of the story!!! Hank a lover?

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. OMG!! My daughter thinks I'm crazY!!! These HighJinx pics made me LAUGH OUTLOUD!!!GREAT DRAMA!!but I'm afraid I would be afraid someone might get bit or kicked!!!hehe

  15. Lucy really does kick ass! She ain't taking nothing from nobody!

  16. cue hillbilly music again :)

    look at that stride on Hank....what a stud!!!

  17. I think Ellsworth is sweet on Lucy.

  18. This looks like such an amazing afternoon!! How exciting!