Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's movie postponed due to bad wire karma

There is no Monday Morning at the Movies today because Sunday was a bad wire day. Allow me to explain.

I moved the horse trailer into the corral Sunday afternoon so that George and Alan could get some remedial trailer loading lessons over the next few weeks. In addition, I wanted Lucy to become familiar with this trailer because we've got an adventure planned for mid-May. Anyway, the trailer had not been in the corral for five minutes...

...when someone, whose identity is not yet known (I'm waiting for the teeth prints to come back from forensics) decided to eat the wiring attached to the left tail light.

Exhibit A.

I spent the next hour setting up a portable corral around the horse trailer to protect it from further destruction, instead of shooting and editing some video for Monday's movie. As if that weren't enough of an excuse...

Then I did a little gardening. I purchased a few colorful plants for the garden/chicken yard and potted them. What a waste of time and money. Even though the pots are on plant stands, it's only a matter of time before Clara and Peach discover and eat them. Why do I even bother?

To add insult to injury, as I was tenderly watering the plants, wishing them a long and happy life despite their grim prognosis, the water stopped coming out of the hose. Huh? No water? I went into the house and turned on the nearest faucet. No water. I checked the breaker box and reset the switches for the well pump. Still no water. This is the part where my heart starts beating real fast and my stomach starts to hurt.

I went out to the well head and removed the cover - no easy task since it was buried under layers of dirt and rock. Out ran three pack rats from a nest on top of the electrical box and a nest below the box. Both nests started blowing in the wind, so I ran into the house to grab my camera before all the evidence ended up in the next county.

Exhibit B.

The "fault" light was flashing on the box. I have no idea what that means. My hope is that my lack of water is because the #$%^&! packrats chewed the wiring, not because the pump itself failed. Time will tell. I left a message for the well guy and hope like heck he can get out here soon.

Meanwhile, I replaced the well cover (that would be the fake rock you see in the picture above), and called my wonderful neighbors, who a) let me take a shower at their house and b) let me borrow their 200-gallon water tank that fits in the back of my truck. Now all the animals have water, I can wash my hands, and we're good to go until the well guy gets here.

So that's why there's no movie today – totally bad wire karma, which rhymes with bad tire karma, which is a whole other story and don't get me started.


  1. Yikes! Whatta day you had!! Hope the well guy comes quickly and it was just the darn pack rats causing your troubles. Now, about that bad tire karma ......

  2. Just look how happy the girls are, running toward their new treats . . . er, decor!

  3. ACK!!!! The CURSE of freeloaders (the packrats not the burros)....I think it is time to invest in a couple of outdoor cats. Thank God for good neighbours who let you borrow water....

  4. Oh, no! When it rains, it pours, eh? Can't wait for the update on your well. The lady who owns the ranch where I board my horses had 3 neighbors whose wells went DRY last summer! A drilling company had to come and drill down deeper. She's fortunate, hers is already another 600 feet deeper than theirs.

  5. When it rains it pours and trouble always comes in sets of three.... Hoping for a cheap fix to the well problems!

  6. Oh no, I can't imagine why things are going bad. You have an excellent Karma record.

    Idea about the well---on the bottom of that box is a reset button. Hold it in for about 30 seconds. It works at my house. The pack rats may be the reason for the troubles (here, the fire ants chew electrical wires), I hope that's all it is.

  7. Hi, turns out my daughter (justplaincrazy) now has a Google account. My comment about the reset button might come in your blog from her. :)

  8. Sorry, Carson!

    If you need anything, please let us know.

    For what it's worth, your flower selections are (were)gorgeous! ;)

  9. I'm hoping today is better for you.
    It's 9:30am Monday April 18 in Southwest Lower Michigan and it's snowing. It's sticking to the trees and grass. It's pretty but I'm ready for spring.
    I hope the well issue is not too serious.
    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Why is it that equines like to chew trailer wires?
    Rotten pack rats! Maybe a rat dog would help? Would Smooch share you?

  11. Supposedly things happen in three's. I think you have had your "three" over the weekend. You should be good for awhile. Hopefully you will have water soon. I also hope this week is much better than the past weekend!

  12. Normally it is rats that chew on unsuspecting wires .... but were George and Alan by any chance anywhere near the trailer???? :}

  13. Loved the photo of the girls stalking the flower pots!
    Hope your water is back already.

  14. You've got some busy beavers there! Hope they fix your well PDQ. The trailer, I'm betting you can fix that yourself, you're handy like that :)
    I always get ants in my well wires. They gum up the connections. I don't know why they go in there.
    Hope it gets better quick!

  15. Oh my...definitely bad wire karma going on. Well, they say bad things come in three's, so if I'm counting right - your're done! :-)

    The flowers look(ed) beautiful.

  16. Estella from Co.4/18/11, 9:03 AM

    ONE BAD HAIR DAY HUH!!!! Tomorrow will be least the water issue wasn't during that real cold spell.

  17. Darn, and I had my popcorn ready!

    But seriously, this is what happens when you kick the Pharoah's cat in a previous life.

    hmmm.... I bet if you'd gotten some teeth impressions from one of those pack rats, you'd have gotten your trailer suspect.

    Can you coat wires with something pack rats don't like? Like hair spray? Vinegar? coyote perfume?

  18. When it rains it pours huh? Hope you get running water again soon.

  19. I can relate just a bit. I have a well and what can I say that you dont' already know. Hope your fix is quick.

  20. It might have been the full moon. Hopefully because you gave your chickens some nice plants your karma will take a turn for the better.

  21. No water!? What a hassle. Thank goodness for the neighbors and their water tank. We lose our water every once in a while for one reason or another. We keep lots of jugs around the house for just that eventuality (because it WILL happen some time). Of course, we don't have animals.

    Pack rats aren't crazy about moth balls or Irish Spring soap.

    If the electricity is out at your well, the pump wouldn't have run to burn out. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's not a big fix. All the best.

  22. I hate to miss a good movie, but your excuse is valid! I'm sorry about the troubles...the only problem I woke up to was hearing my cat, the Calico Queen, tossing her Friskies. Again. Sigh - but that's easier to clean up than the messes you have!

    Nancy in Iowa

  23. Hmmm...those kinds of adventures we can do without.

    I'm a little disappointed in the pack rats. How am I supposed to rise to their defense each and every time they run afoul of the law (Smooch) if they go & do something rotten like that? They're lucky they're so darned cute.

    I do hope you got your water situation resolved without much more incident.

    Nice rock, by the way.

  24. Crap...don't you just hate it when it's obvious someone else is in charge (if only for awhile)?

  25. Those flowers are (were) so pretty, how come you didnt put them on the porch? Hope the well isnt a big epic! We used to put cyanne pepper oil on the things we didnt want the horses to chew, just the smell kept them off it. I agree with one poster, you need barn cats again! Good luck!

  26. Moth balls really do work. We had lots of Pack Rats in Montana, in the outbuilding & under the house & under the hood of the car, really! Every year I'd throw moth balls under & in everything. No more of the little stinkers. 1 really good hunting cat helps to.
    And your flower were beautiful & bet they tasted real good too!

  27. All I can say is ... I hope the well guy is waaaay better than the water softener guy.

  28. "MERCURY RETROGRADE" rears it's ugly head---if anything can go wrong, it will!
    I love your little illustrative drawing of the Rats!
    Hope it all gets fixed quickly, my dear!

  29. Taking my time reading and looking at your glorious photos....I found myself wondering how George and Alan and Lucy were going to get into the the corral.

  30. Sorry to hear about all the mishaps! They seem to come in bunches, don't they? Like my cracked tooth & cracked windshield 2 months ago, just after hiring someone to paint house.... Colorful flowers! I don't recongnize all of them. Have you considered hanging baskets? I'm sure your wind might bother them, but the wind blows over my plants on the stands also.

  31. Your flowers were very pretty...chickens will be chickens :(

    I hope we don't have another pack rat season this year like last year. We dispatched a minimum of 50 of them *%&#^ things...they were in everything. I can commiserate with you!