Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smooch and Snapper declare a truce

It's not that Smooch and Snapper don't get along. It's just that they tend to antagonize each other. If Snapper has something that Smooch wants or vice versa (such as a comfy spot on my lap) a turf battle ensues. In the end, Snapper usually wins. I think claws might have something to do with it.

Anyway, yesterday morning I spotted them together on the windowseat.

Smooch was patiently waiting for her turn on the pillow.

Resigned to the fact that Snapper wasn't about to relinquish his throne, Smooch went back on the job...

...chief of ranch security.


  1. Cats rule, dogs drool... at least that's how it is at our hose. One swipe of the paw... :)

  2. Same thing happens at my house. My dogs were trained not to eat the cat. Therefore, they must give up before they get their way. Just yesterday, Hobbes decided neither dog should be able to nap on the bed. One cat in a King sized bed.

  3. How cute! I love it when mine are all sweet and cuddly with each other. I just have to get better with having the camera handy, because everytime I move to get it the moment is lost...

  4. I love it when my animals are getting along. So glad to see these two enjoying a bit of quiet time together.

  5. Actually, I think Smooch is just allowing the cat to think it rules.....

  6. Smooch knows her place...and apparently it's not on the pillow. It's at the top of the security chain of the ranch.