Friday, April 1, 2011

Down the Road with Smooch ~ April 2011

"Down the Road with Smooch" is a post that chronicles for posterity the who-what-where-when of our daily walk, on or about the first of every month.

Date: March 31, 2011, the 56th day in a row without a drop of precipitation...but who's counting?
Route: Around the fenceline with a few off-the-path excursions
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
Temperature: 63 degrees
Humidity: 22 percent
Wind: A steady wind when we left, a slight breeze by the time we finally got home
On the iPod: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. I'm loving this audiobook. If I ever learned all this stuff about Teddy in school, I've long forgotten it. What a cool guy. He loved the west as much as I do...maybe more.
Number of times Smooch stopped to sniff coyote poop and pee: 7
Number of times Smooch stopped to pick something out of her paw: 5
Number of times I stopped to take a picture: lost count
Attire: Baseball cap, long-sleeved shirt, no jacket, jeans, sneakers.

Smooch was in a state of very high alert,

probably because black cows kept popping out of the shadows. We came upon these two mamas and their babies at the end of our road. You know the road ... the one Lucy and I rode down on Sunday ... pushing a pair of cows. You don't think?  No ... couldn't possibly be the same cows ... or could it? The big cow above is wearing a yellow ear tag. I don't think either of the Sunday cows had one of those.

When were you guys born? I think you look older than four days.

Me: What do you think, Smooch? 
Smooch: I think you should stop taking pictures so we can move along.
I've got places to go, things to do, coyote poop to sniff.

Here's a view from our high spot, looking down on the casa. The pasture is very, very dry.

The only thing sprouting is this stuff, which I think is rabbitbrush,

which would make sense if the shrub is so named because rabbits live under it. 
Smooch was convinced there was a bunny down there somewhere.


  1. What fun to go along on your walk with you. I only wish I could send you some of the rain we've been having ... so many days I've lost count!

  2. Reading your blog and looking at your pictures reminds me of the cowboy movies that I watched when I was a kid. Love it!

  3. Your ability to multi-task amazes me. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I'm amazed that things can still sprout here when rain is only a distant memory. It seems like every place in the world but New Mexico has gotten rain and snow. It's been so long...

    Lovely Smooch shots.

  5. I was just thinking you hadn't had a post about your girl, Smooch, lately.
    We've only had one measurable rainfall since September.

  6. Are you able to ride Lucy and take Smooch along, yet? Or does she need to stay on a leash?

    I love riding with a dog.

  7. Time for a rain dance! And I think those calves are more than four days old.

    I'll have to check out that audio book. I've always been interested in Roosevelt.

  8. Love the pictures today and love the post! Have a fun weekend. We are having a bad drought so understand about the dry grass.

  9. Your walks with Smooch are great. Don't they beat the heck out of those long forgotten corporate meetings! You are such a lucky gal to have a beautiful place and such wonderful companions. Enjoy!

  10. Estella from Co.4/1/11, 7:56 AM

    Sounds like a lovely walk and such GOOD company you keep. Plenty of snow on Mesa, but we can use some moisture down here. Have a lovely day and hugs and kisses to the kids.

  11. Love Smooch..seems like a lot of fun!

  12. Wishing you NO wildfires. We have had several in the month of March. Scarey. yes, the cows you herded on Sunday didn't have ear tags. I went back and looked. What would Smooch do if she found a rabbit hiding in the rabbit bush? I like the looks of rabbit bush but don't want it in my yard.

  13. we have been very dry here in florida but the last 2 days we have had 7 inches of rain and a number of tornados.

  14. I am. I'm counting.
    (But I'm not whining.) :-)
    Poor Smooch and those darn thorns. I always wanted to get down and help her with those. Fortunately, she's very adept at getting them out on her own.
    Which makes me think... I'm really glad you didn't make me go barefoot on our walks.

  15. Wonderful pictures. I love visiting your blog. We just rented Teddy Roosevelt: An American Lion from netflix. You might like it too!

  16. Didn't you tell me the rabbitbush was the nasty stuff when it comes to stickers in dog paws?

  17. C in Wi, Smooch must be kept on a leash at all times when she's not in the yard - there's way too much trouble for her to get into if she ran loose, e.g., chasing calves. So no, she won't be accompanying Lucy and I on our rides.

    Carol, if Smooch had found the rabbit, she would have eaten it. No joke. I watched in horror as she caught one in the yard and promptly devoured it.

    Sandy, the goathead bushes are the nasty things - the rabbitbrush is sticker free.

  18. My dog used to go to work with me and run around in the fields. One day he came back with his head hung low and something in his mouth. He knew he shouldn't be doing what ever it was he was doing. He had a baby rabbit! I also watched in horror as he devoured it!

  19. I agree Smooch needs to be on her leash to keep her safe if she chases rabbits. Goatheads-ick. I understand Guinea Hens eat the weeds.

  20. Certainly understand you wanting to keep Smooch safe. I keep mine on leash whenever away from the house/fenced yard also! Those calves are over 4 days old.

    We haven't had any rain either and Spring is our rainy season. Bluebonnets will be affected they say.....

  21. What an excellent time spent with Smooch! Wonderful photographs!