Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alan gives George a piece of his mind

When last we saw George, he had hit the snooze alarm for the second time.

Alan grew increasingly agitated with his buddy's slothlike behavior...

...and marched back to the barn to give George a piece of his mind.

Alan: You're being rude and inconsiderate. It's a beautiful day
and I want to play in the pasture and you know darned well I won't go out there without you,
yet you lay there working on your tan with no regard for my feelings.

George: If you hadn't gotten up at the crack of dawn, you wouldn't be so grumpy.
Now move out of the way so I can stand up.

George: I'm a little stuck here.

George: You're not making this a bit easier.

Alan: Give me one reason why I should!

George: Because I'm so irresistably cute when I stand up and stretch.


  1. Now that little story of the boys is just what I needed first thing this morning! What a hoot, and do tell George he IS irresistibly cute when he stands and stretches!!

  2. cute.

    I think Alan and Bernard are related. Closely.

  3. Imagine people saying that animals don't think...

  4. This gives new meaning to getting your ass up and out of bed!

  5. who needs a TV when you have burro;s eh!
    Theresa in Alberta

  6. You did a great job of captioning those photos; thanks for the morning giggle! I think Alan and George would be god characters for a children's book.

  7. Awwww...they are just so darn cute!

  8. It's good to have a friend to help keep us accountable.

  9. this was just precious. i had to show my husband. i would love to have donkeys here one day. we love it when the hippies next door bring their donkeys over. baasha has to get used to them eventually, i hope.

    i explained to my husband that donkeys are like horses but also different, it seems to me they act like foals in their touching/oral play/no personal space rules/sleeping habits. am i right?

    ~lytha in germany

  10. What a pair. They're so adorable together. Love Alan's wake-up technique.

  11. Fuuny behavior Alan standing over George like that. You see that in dogs, but equines........not so much. Talk about a hoot.

    Your timing at catching their foolishness is impeccable.

  12. I think they are BOTH irresistably cute! :)

  13. Hello, Visiting from June's, and I sure like your photos. I was in your beautiful state i the fall - we're "neighbors" - I live in CO.

  14. I love how they work things out by talking things through.


  15. Great story line and yes, George is sooo cute when he stretches! Love your boyz Carson - thanks for sharing.